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  1. I am in for both fights please. Lady P.S Do you want my stats??
  2. Well done I hope to be using the canals one day soon.
  3. the coming days are peppered with fights, but i want to make this one (somebody please remind me 2 hours before the time) Lady
  4. This is a much better day and time Lady will be there.
  5. +1 It could make hitched animals go faster for a limited amount of time and has a long cool off timer to counter abuse (of the whip and the animals).
  6. provided the Interwebz are holding, Ladygodiva will be there
  7. I would also like to extend my thanks to the organizers, Ivan for letting me use a really nice horse, and generally the warm welcome for us from far away lands. Congratulations to all the winners, make the best of the loot! As always, its been a lot of fun, and I hope to see some of you visiting Pristine for the next slaying. Lady
  8. Leaving Pristine now I hope I make it, need to borrow a horse please
  9. Cannot pass this one! Thanks for organizing Lisa
  10. Power supplies permitting, I'll be there...
  11. I will try and make it back in time from Release. Lady
  12. Ohhhh, I love gifts Great idea, Count Ladygodiva in
  13. I am all for it, wasn't going to travel far for some fun 70 is good to start, always worked well. If you need help building, making mats, or anything else.... you know where to find me Lady
  14. 9/11

    What a day it was! I was at a store, it being around 3pm in our timezone. My son had picked his first uniform to play junior cricket in the local club. We stood at the cashier when i noticed the images on a tiny TV behind the counter, and after asking, was told that something is happening in New York. We did watch events unfold for the rest of the day and well into the evening. But this day had far reaching consequences for me personally. At the time i had been training dogs for may years for competitive purposes, but of late had gotten a little tired of the people ring side. Apart from the fact that my girl had figured out that i couldn't touch her while in the ring and just stuffed everything up. I thought for about 2 weeks and decided to find people my dog and I could train with for disaster response. We joined a group, trained hard, she loved it and I had found a calling. She passed on during a deployment 7 years later. I often remember the events of that day, the people and the first responders that perished, and the dog teams that had a dreadful task.
  15. I'll take the 63ql Hatchet, mail to Ladygodiva please. Thanks