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  1. Since this can of wurms has been opened once gain, let me add my 5 cents worth of comment. I have been at unique kills for a considerable time, but I cannot recall the last public kill on Deliverance. There was one in September this year. Yet the "crusty vets" of Deli have no problem turning up at other server's public fights to get a "piece of the pie". There... I just had to get that off my chest. I am proud to say that Pristine's kills have all been public, we have resisted to urge to follow the example of others to keep the kills local or even within a select group. In this regard it makes no difference if it is a giant or a dragon, they are all valuable. Yes it takes time, a few silver and cotton to secure them, and yes it's usually the same people that are willing to make that effort. The concept of "in the right place at the right time" is only relevant to the search, in the end the unique is always shared with the entire Wurm community. For me this also applies when I search for them on other servers, the reason is not ever to stage a private kill for the loot! Why do we do it the way we do it? The search is about the thrill of the hunt, the challenge of surviving more than a few hits at times, seeing dragons fly across water trying to catch you, the look on the Kyklops' face when it knows it's been caught, the awesome video clips, and above all the working together on a common goal. On a side note, you get to know your server and know where to cut down that blasted birch tree north of InTheMiddleOfNowhere on the next mission As Pandalet said, the event itself often turns into a mini impalong, fantastic faith gains for the priests, a chance to meet old friends, make new ones and do business. Newer players have a chance to see a unique and get a title they are very proud to wear. It is a ton of fun organizing these events, providing food, first aid, horses and taxi services. It's all worth the only negative which is the local lag. Pristine has no problem with the loot rolls, since there are pretty strict "rules of engagement" which are spelled out in the announcement of the event. Everybody goes away happy and is waiting for the next one. Since I have taken part in searches, the searchers did not reserve a part of the loot as "reward". That is not what it's all about! "Dragon Drama" only follows private kills! That said, I would like to encourage the individuals that think "a private kill is the only way to get something decent out of this" (agreed there are circumstances where deeds are at risk and a quick kill is unavoidable) to re-think and join the fun. The old days of 1 unique each per server are long time gone!
  2. THIS WAS AWESOME!! The entire layout and decorations of the underground part created the right scenery and set the mood. At times i wondered if i should go into this or that tunnel, because there could be more dead bodies and coffins and... just creepy things. I had goose bumps at times, A big round of applause for Spellcast for thinking up another "out of this world" adventure and spending the time to put it together. Thanks to all the other GMs, visible or not at the time, for helping out on the day (or night). Love you all Ladygodiva
  3. Great map using the map dump Some more updates: Y24X28 Sadiablo Hall is gone long time Y25X28 Lallylon actually spells "Iallylon", capital i. Y22X31 Sylvan and Moonglow are gone Y12X18 Heavenly Valley is also gone Y26X24 Jotunheim is no more I ask all citizens of Pristine to help "clean up" our map. Look around the area you live in, many deeds shown on the map have probably gone. Thanks
  4. Busy times ahead, I'll be there too, Lady
  5. Great Job WKM Thanks for organizing a public slaying ( I needed that portion ) and everything Explora said already.
  6. going to be in time for this one, Lady
  7. Lady wont make it, RL stuff took more time than expected
  8. I will try and be there (wind permitting) with Lady. Thanks for making this public event
  9. Wouldn't miss it for ..... nothing really
  10. From what I know about Journeya, it is the best place to start (or continue) this wonderful game. The worst thing I can think of is an academy where the people "in the know" are seldom online and there is nobody to answer questions or provide tips. The North Indy Academy is NOT such a place. I have had the chance to visit and be a guest of this alliance, and its a great bunch of people. Note to self: Make a plan to visit again