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  1. Sorry Slick, I never played that game Which ever way you let us know that they have spawned is perfect, as long as we get to know
  2. +100 I do like the idea of this rift thingy. How it is eventually achieved (instance or not i will leave to the game designers), but i would like to add some comments and ideas. -100 to the player owned point made earlier. The reason for that should be quite obvious. - easy and medium level rifts have a server wide message when they spawn, hard level rifts have a global message. - when the rift is found and a player enters (the rift is open), a marker appears on the in-game map. - when a rift is open but nobody has started completing the quests inside, a selected number of these special mobs could be leaving the rift and start moving around the immediate area, making it some kind of invasion. - the personal portal is good, it could be easy to make with readily available materials, is one-time only use, and one would have to make it on the server on which it is to be used. Once the rift closes or one leaves through the rift portal, one is teleported back to the point where one was when using the personal portal. - the rewards could be distributed according to each players participation % in completing the rift, if you are an alt and stand inside doing nothing, you get nothing. I'd like to see moon metals being included here for freedomers that generally don't have easy access to those. - a special weapon and armor spell could be added, increasing existing AOSP and nimbleness casts ONLY inside the rift, outside they work as they are now. I am looking forward to this becoming a feature.
  3. I noticed yesterday that after not moving and moving my viewpoint for a few minutes (10 minutes might be close) the client seems to hang. No updating of stamina bar and no reaction after requesting another 4 actions via a hotkey. I would have to change my view point or take a step to get it to go again. No disconnection with new event message as described in earlier posts.
  4. I have had that case as well, long time ago i must admit. The walls of a building that the deed had no permissions to had taken damage but stopped at around 92 and would not go away. I did reduce deed by 1 tile on that side to put the offending structure completely into perimeter. It took a few days as the rest of the building walls were gone already, but... the building went away eventually. some other buildings did take some damage in the time their walls were in perimeter, but they were repaired quickly and deeded over without a hitch.
  5. Hi there Let me try and answer some of your questions. Up front to note, I have never played UO so I cannot compare. - yes you come with a basic sword, shield and armor and you can go and explore the world. - when you die you lose any crafted or gathered items, your beginner set stays with you. - characters don't age and stay as you created them forever. - you can try everything, the whole ordeal! - No macros allowed, you learn and gain skill (sometimes multiple) when you do things. - leveling skills can be a grind (that's probably a big difference between WO and WU), but there are tricks to make the leveling efficient. - you may customize your character, wear different clothing and armor, but the basic "look" of said armor and clothing remains the same. There are many options for building houses. from different wall types and roofs using different materials, single or multi-storey, a large selecting of furniture and decorative items can be crafted. The building system is block or tile based and combining multiple tiles into one building produces personalized creations. Weapons, armor and tools can be enchanted, imbued, and have their quality improved, which makes them perform different (i am avoiding to use the word "better" here) from their basic version. The possibilities are to many to mention. 1. Some I suppose. 2. They are essentially the same game, although the hosts of WU servers can add custom modifications, increase action timers and skill gain, generate their own maps, and many more options I know nothing about. 3. Honestly, both games are in a transition and have to come to terms with each other, player base and content alike. Players have left WO to play WU, some have returned, others left for good. Some WO players have decided to not try WU. The player base is not shrinking to death in either form of the game. The big difference is that WO requires monthly subscription as the F2P character is limited, whereby WU doesn't. 4. There are markets with traders and player owned merchants selling goods near every starter town or at other strategic places. Players trade goods and services with each other. Auctions happen exclusively on the Forum, where you can also find WTS, WTT, WTB posts. 5. It tends to be busy around the starter towns, players have set up academies where new players gather before setting out to found their own settlements. Some of the settlements are "big", but that does not mean there are lots of players around them. 6. There is teleporting between the PvE and PvP servers, meaning between Freedom (mostly PvE with 1 PvP server attached) and Epic (4 servers where PvP is possible). A personal teleport to your home settlement can be achieved when reaching a higher meditation level. Modes of transport are foot, cart or wagon, horse or another rideable animal, and ships to cross the oceans and between servers. 7. I haven't played PvP, and thus have no means of understanding the word "hardcore" in this context, so somebody else has to answer that question. The one thing i believe that sets Wurm apart from other games possibly is that players do have input into what developers prioritize on (although this is a topic hotly debated at times), there are wishlists, suggestions, and bug reports on the Forum. The in-game help system in WO is provided by other players, the GM response time in WO for serious problems is acceptable. Have a cruise around the Forum, it should give you a good idea. If you decide to try either form of the game, remember the most important thing: Have fun
  6. Ladygodiva will be there. Thanks for making it public
  7. Hello Independence It's been a long time since attending an impalong on Indie, and this one looks like it's going to be a ton of fun. I am happy to help out with imping of all sorts Carpentry 90+ Fine Carpentry 70+ Bowyery 70+ (maybe i can get fletching to 70 while I am there ??) Cloth Tailoring 70+ Leather Working 90+ Masonry 80+ Blacksmithing 90+ Jewlery smithing 80+ I can bring 200 of each 70+ql gold and silver, and 200 of each 50ql gold and silver (not to use the good stuff so quickly). i have 90 Miscellaneous Items, so if some of the masters want to come together and make some awesome individual pieces, I'll be happy to put some compasses together. I'll be bringing Ladygodiva, see you there
  8. OMG what a time! Lady signing up and organizing some match sticks to keep the eyes open
  9. Yes you'll need Gardening
  10. I have also experienced it, not as drastic as half way across the server, but certainly 1 or 2 tiles off. It happens when on cart, horse or boat. I didn't have to re-log to get going, just embark again. Something that might be related, when doing a quick re-log being mounted, I am unable to move after reloading the client, have to dismount and mount again to fix that. There is also some sort of teleport backwards when passing gates or doors being mounted or not. Not all gates or all doors, and no huge distance. I m adding this here, because it started after the last update and might all be related.
  11. I have edited my post as there was indeed one since bdew.net started tracking them. This is turning into an argument that has it's roots in very different personalities, their reasons for playing and their gaming styles. One has to respect those differences. One day when I am in your neck of the woods and the circumstances are favorable I will take you up on it
  12. Thanks Grim, great event Am i the only one, or did anybody else feel an improvement on the local lag and frequent disconnects issues?
  13. I have to thank Odynn for his valuable comments, which have proven one of the the points I was trying to make. Not once was the word "greed" used in what I had to say, but hey.... if the shoe fits, wear it