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  1. The side events sound hugely entertaining Ladygodiva can spend a few days doing imps and slapping fish (that is going to be fun!). Put me down for CT, LW, BS, JS, Masonry, Carpentry, Fletching, Bowery .... well everything but weapons, armor, ships and fishing. Thanks for hosting
  2. On the same note, the red scale leggings have had a texture gap at the top for quite some time as well, if I recall correctly it being most visible on the right leg.
  3. Shiny Pickaxe ! (not that i will ever use that one) COD to Ladygodiva. Thanks You.
  4. -1000 NO... Nooooo ... until such time that the unstable client is compatible with AMD graphics cards. I am sure you guys are working on it
  5. The Smoke from sol is missing the third Item Use Requirement Wiki Page: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Smoke_of_Sol The requirement is the same as the third on Libram of the Night: You need to be in the darkness of caves, sheltered from sight. Can be used at any altar in a 3x3 flat area inside a cave. Message when trying to use a Smoke from sol on an altar outside a cave: [08:33:32] You need to be in the darkness of caves, sheltered from sight.
  6. "Execution" sounds a bit harsh. I can see a mechanism more to the likes of "Running the Gauntlet", without the punished ever dying. Instead of hitting with weapons, we could throw things (anything from a cotton ball to a rock shard). Once the punished reaches the end of the gauntlet, the show is over. It would serve the purpose of making public an offender and provide entertainment for the crowed. Executions and public punishment in human history served exactly those purposes. However, this would raise a whole other set of questions: Who will be judge and who will be jury? How do we prevent miscarriages of justice?
  7. I think it would help if you post some details of your system here, like operating system and graphics card model (if you use one). Monitor model, also which drivers you are using (standard system or custom). Gives the fundies a place to start thinking.
  8. 95 coc iron pickaxe 91 coc steel pickaxe 95 coc steel shovel 89 coc saw cod to Ladygodiva, Thanks
  9. I mined a reinforced wall the other day. After about 40 mining actions, it stopped gathering shards into my pile, although the event message kept saying [20:11:13] You mine some rock shards. That was the point where i thought something is wrong! After about 10 more actions of this, the event said [20:12:06] You manage to remove the reinforcement. Then it gathered shards into the pile again until the wall was gone.