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  1. My first donkey born on Pristine is named Blossom
  2. tried 3 times in the last 2 minutes, same error
  3. for love or money, I cannot add pictures here. The rift location on the Yaga map: Rift 12/18 On the in-game map it is roughly K17.
  4. That white window is asking a question about sending error messages or some such. You need to tell it what you want or the login process will not continue. There is also an option to "Never ask this again" as far as I remember (which is what you want to avoid the white window). There is also an option in Settings -> Text & UI tab -> Send Client Data to avoid the white window.
  5. rift position is here: http://pristine.yaga.host/#518,1436 You can enter the Blossom canal (rowing, sail and knarrs only for now) at Blossom and head south emerging at Walnut Cove at Paramount Lake. In the South West corner of the Lake are Port Mayhem or Pristine Sands Hunting Lodge. Closest you get via boat
  6. This looks like an amazing place to spend some time. Queen probably added a brick or two to a colossus there way back when with virtually no masonry skill. This time Ladygodiva will come over and be a floating imper, where ever there is work to do. She would also like to reserve a room with sea view, minibar, and roomservice please See you there
  7. The tower piece in the middle looks "floating", that cannot be i think. The second image looks like it could work, provided the tower is not floating. be aware that deed planner does not always test for rules implemented in game. To be sure and before you embark on the "real thing", build a mockup to be sure the game allows the planning of the bridges as you want them.
  8. I have used this feature a lot in the last week on various floors and arches, including ground. I don't think it matters which server. Build the arch first, single, left, right, or T-arch. Then have a fencebar and brick of your choice in inventory, activate the trowel (not sure if a hammer works as well), r-click on the tile border under the arch and chose to build a fence. Watch events, you need to be sort of in the middle of the future fence, in other words, you cannot start it from 1 tile away, but you can finish it from 1 tile away. It is possible that the crafting window does not work in this case, I still use the old fashion way of activating a tool and right clicking.
  9. Thanks to everyone for coming and having a great time with us. Congratulations to all crafters and priests that reached a milestone, personal or otherwise ? I am sure the Pristine Academy Network can convince VirusMD and his crowd of slaves to host another friends-along next year. Thanks to all the GMs for spawning some "interesting" creatures not often seen on freedom servers. I for one hope to see you all in a few months for Xmas impalong. ?
  10. I am not sure if you guys mean the "thrown around" I sometimes get when i click and press another key. could be spacebar + click to toggle it?
  11. I was just thinking about Yaga and the Academy. Thanks for the time frame Yaga, i can never remember when Pristine was created. When we first arrived with new characters, we joined The Wurm Academy, which at the time, was just a collection of wooden houses, everybody that had any skill was very busy building roads. Reddit existed already next to The Academy and a place called Woodlands between Blossom and The Academy. I remember that because we had setup Sanctuary at the edge of the central desert right where it is today. There were no trees around, so we took a trip to the only place with trees we knew with our slow cart to collect sprouts. Promptly ran into Woodlands, alas no sprouts! Sanctuary (every server has to have a Sanctuary) was founded as a standard 10x10 deed in January 2013. I recall the desert having a mob on every tile, we would spend a great deal of time running around the token to give the templar time to kill the nasties. It took weeks to be able to build stone walls or a house, no wood just rocks available. Today Sanctuary is a 61x25, is still a member of The Academy Network alliance and I still live there. All gates and gate houses are open to anybody that needs a break on a long journey or while hunting. The central desert was much larger then, from the Caldera crater all the way south to almost reaching Lakeview, from the water's edge in the east to the tundra in the west. Neighbors came and went, for me the most memorable is Bisbie, May 2014 until about July 2015 just north bordering Sanctuary. He didn't like steppe or desert so he turned a good deal of his massive deed into forest . He did change his mind towards the end of his time with us and the Oak forest we created together is still there today. The first (and only) Impalong on Pristine, December 2013 I think, was a great event. Held at Blossom Market, I for one had oodles of fun and made some friends that stayed on until today. I agree with Yaga, although we still have the occasional newcomer joining The Academy every new player to Wurm should join The Academy on Pristine, enjoy a great alliance spread all around the server, get the "hang of it" and set out into our amazing world.
  12. i'd like a tall banner and a banner, what time is best for pickup?
  13. I take a DD tall banner, PM me here or Ladygodiva in game for where and when to collect. Thanks
  14. Might want to start adding named features as well. For some reason i don't see an updated map ever so often, and you might have done this already The crater in the center, roughly and the cross of X10/X11 and Y8/Y9 is called Caldera The mountain east of Stonehaven, map squares X12/Y14 to X14/Y14 is called Troll Mountain and the southern deserts surrounding the cross of X5/X6 and Y15/Y16 is called The Wastelands The lake in the middle, south west of A Zen Island is called Paramount Lake The island sporting the needle sharp peak at X14/Y7 is Horseshoe Island and then there is Bloodmoon Island (see Serra's pic for BloodMoon Keep) There are other names for locations on the map we used when out and about, but they might not be suitable for public consumption
  15. Sanctuary is at the square cross Y9/Y10 and X12/X13. I(capital "i")allyllon is at the end of the highway in the bottom half of Y8/X13 If its ok to add National Geographic in the SE corner of Y9/X13, it is kind of a landmark Thanks
  16. I'd also like a tall banner, let me know where and when i can pick up, thanks
  17. I have the very same problem with paddock fences and a cart since ... maybe the new stable client. My guess is it has something to do with the settings somewhere, but i wouldn't even know where to start .
  18. Lagygodiva would also like to make a room reservation. Sea View, Minibar, Room Service, and ... some of those much recommended Cabana Boys.