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  1. [close] WTA 6000 Blue Grapes

  2. [close] WTA 6000 Blue Grapes

  3. i'd like a tall banner and a banner, what time is best for pickup?
  4. PriceCheck/Offers Darkravager

    Noooooooo ...
  5. PMK Banners

    I take a DD tall banner, PM me here or Ladygodiva in game for where and when to collect. Thanks
  6. Pristine Community Map Project [Discontinued]

    Might want to start adding named features as well. For some reason i don't see an updated map ever so often, and you might have done this already The crater in the center, roughly and the cross of X10/X11 and Y8/Y9 is called Caldera The mountain east of Stonehaven, map squares X12/Y14 to X14/Y14 is called Troll Mountain and the southern deserts surrounding the cross of X5/X6 and Y15/Y16 is called The Wastelands The lake in the middle, south west of A Zen Island is called Paramount Lake The island sporting the needle sharp peak at X14/Y7 is Horseshoe Island and then there is Bloodmoon Island (see Serra's pic for BloodMoon Keep) There are other names for locations on the map we used when out and about, but they might not be suitable for public consumption
  7. Pristine Community Map Project [Discontinued]

    Sanctuary is at the square cross Y9/Y10 and X12/X13. I(capital "i")allyllon is at the end of the highway in the bottom half of Y8/X13 If its ok to add National Geographic in the SE corner of Y9/X13, it is kind of a landmark Thanks
  8. Valhall Descendants PMK Items

    I'd also like a tall banner, let me know where and when i can pick up, thanks
  9. [Bug] Coloured fances - White

    I have the very same problem with paddock fences and a cart since ... maybe the new stable client. My guess is it has something to do with the settings somewhere, but i wouldn't even know where to start .
  10. How's Pristine Holding up?

    Some are still here
  11. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    Lagygodiva would also like to make a room reservation. Sea View, Minibar, Room Service, and ... some of those much recommended Cabana Boys.
  12. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    Ladygodiva will be along again this year, no particular skill to work on, so i'll be floating around anything but boats and toys
  13. At this point and with many reaching higher levels of skill, I think we could do with a "Fragment Exchange" thread where people could post their desire to exchange fragments they have discovered. With the need for 93 pieces per statue and 10 pieces for a mask (which are even harder to come by), I would not be opposed to exchanging the fragments i have, for the same number of fragments somebody else has and concentrate on restoring just 1 statue. Thoughts on that?
  14. Some of the more strange things i have restored: [13:32:17] A hard, sharp piece of rock fastened to a short shaft. [13:32:17] A single copper rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will have a higher chance to be successfully improved (5%) and increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) In case you have never seen one of these, it's a crude axe. [13:38:18] A one step long wooden branch that could be used to create a shaft. It is made from birchwood. [13:38:18] Bloodthirst has been cast on it, so it will do more damage the more you hit players. [1] I think i will keep this one
  15. [No Bug] Restoration allows the wrong tool

    thank you
  16. Not sure where to post this or if this has been reported before, feel free to move/remove it. After identifying hundreds of fragments, and only because i wasn't looking, i noticed that i can identify a fragment using the wrong tool. These are the even messages (first is the examine): [12:32:19] A fragment of another item. You think you can see how multiples of these fragments may fit together in a way that restores the original item. A metal brush would be useful to clear away some dirt and rock from it. [12:32:23] You carefully start chiseling away bits of dirt and rock from the unidentified fragment. [12:32:36] You successfully clear away a bit of dirt and rock from the unidentified fragment exposing a little more about its composition. Chisel and brush seemed to be interchangeable. the Identify action is on a key bind but it also does it when using the r-click menu.
  17. [Fixed] Fighting BUG

    same here
  18. Summerholt Fall Festival Breeding Lottery Oct 25 - Nov 1

    Betty (make sure it is not the cow) and Dave for me, plz. Dave.... ohh Dave...
  19. Fact is there are precious few epic players that have lived their wurm life there and stuck it out on a declining cluster, and they should not be punished for doing so. For those players it would be more than fair to transfer to freedom on effective skill. I am sure that will not make a dent or devalue either side's accounts. I have bytes swimming in my head that the reluctance of the devs to allow effective skill transfer from epic to freedom is about possible exploitation in the future and not so much about calculating how much time the skills took and what that time is worth. I can see the possibility of people creating epic toons, skilling using the curve and then transferring to freedom with a head start or freedomers going to epic to give their pet-peeve skills a boost and then taking them back. That would be unfair. How about a date dependent transfer, skills gained before x date on epic will transfer, everything after that stays on epic and falls within the proposed transfer system. This discussion should not be about who gains an advantage or has an advantage using a transfer, because as it stands right now freedom has the advantage. The proposed system is about reviving epic and I am sure it will, let's just accept the few epic players and their effective skills, forget about time and money, and concentrate on preventing possible exploitation.
  20. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    Can put Ladygodiva down for Jewelry Smithing, Plate Armor Smithing, and Shield Smithing, but I am looking forward to imp at as many stations as possible
  21. Fire and Sand Impalong - Exodus - 20th-22nd October

    another impalong Love it ! Ladygodiva can imp pretty much anything to 70, except boats and toys, if you would like to put her on the crafters list. She needs 2 points to 90 JS, so people.... bring loads of jewels. Can't wait ...
  22. +100 is there even a need for smoke from a fireplace? if stacked, vented and lit properly, there should not be any smoke into the room
  23. +1 for the choice to reroll,, would not like to be forced
  24. Build a Blossom! Pristine Starter deed competition

    The first thought that came to my mind.... Is there a highway going through Central Park? But a good point, thanks Joelle. If it will become an issue, I am sure to make changes.
  25. Build a Blossom! Pristine Starter deed competition

    6 days to go, let me start. I have called it "Bridges and Stairs", the bridges offering themselves for this are only the flat top bridges. I tried adding an arched bridge, but i am all for symmetry, so they did not quite fit in my eyes. The buildings are full of all kinds of stairs which allow the climbing all the way to the top of each and going across to the next building. I kept with the "Park" kind of idea in the 2 western quarters, kept the green tiles as grass for now but they could be made lawn with flowers in between. It could do with a few more trees here and there, I have to see it in game to say where. I also looked around server for interesting buildings, not too big and themed and found the Fishing Hut at Neotori which now decorates a pond in the North West corner. I also like to add the colorful chairs from Fallen Sky in a garden setting somewhere (not possible in Deed Planner, or i haven't found it). Not to say that Pristine does not have any interesting buildings, but they were a little bit too big for the challenging steep terrain at Blossom. I kept the terraforming to a minimum, raising the middle, making the gravel walk ways walkable and flattening out the top in the East a little. I would like to invite all citizens to take up the indoor decor of a building, namely the 2 marble at the water, 3 sandstone in the middle, 2 slate at the top and the brewery in the North East corner. The standard features of a starter deed like traders and the bartender can occupy tiles in or around the sandstone buildings. I am also thinking of some cave dwellings between cave entrances in the South West (mine door) to the North East (rock tile). Much of that idea depends how deep the dirt layer is in the South West. the pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/RLtsVkXy I used Deed Planner 2.8.8 to get it to pastebin, not sure if it all worked The .map file is also available at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_friQl7icJuRXBCZVhEYTFQU2M Lady