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  1. Eir

    It's the first time in more than 3 years that I check up on Wurm again, just to find this sad news! And to write this post is the only reason I actually logged into the forums. I've known Eir from when Wurm was still "Gold" - before the crash in whatever year it was, I don't remember, but it was before the Wild / Chaos Server - or whatever name it has nowadays. She's always been good, helpful and fair. She was a person to count on. I've no idea how old she was, but I hope she's lived a long and happy life!
  2. I have to admit, you're giving a few fair points there. But in the end you've just seen a few people come from WU. The question remains: how many WU players actually switch to WO? And how many WO players did switch to WU? I don't think most WO players actually need a huge community. I mean 90% of the population on the PvE servers have a deed of their own at a considerable size, just to be alone. Hence, WU servers are attractive.
  3. I like the fact that there is a WU stand-alone. I looked upon it with anger when it was released, but my RL changed so much lately that I had no time left to even play wurm and I don't see that changing any time soon. My premium subscription from Nov to May was an absolute waste since I didnt play. However, I sold out in March anyway. I haven't bought a WU copy yet, but should I ever return to Wurm I sure as hell won't pay a monthly fee anymore. Blaming WO's decline in player population cannot be solely blamed on WU though I think. From what I can see on the server graphs, players started leaving before the release of WU. It could be due to the announcement of WU though, who knows. But.. I still don't see how WU is supposed to attract any WO players. Lol. Who in his right mind would pay 96€ per year for premium vs. 27.99€ once and for all?
  4. Have to say, wurm is a game that has a monetary value to a lot of its players. Of course not everyone thinks this way, but you can buy a lot of accounts and items for either silver or real life currency. I, for instance, have lacked the time to play WO since November. A few weeks ago I decided it's time to sell off all my stuff while it's still worth anything. With the decline of subscriptions I saw potential buyers leave. With the money I earned by selling all my WO stuff I could buy over 60 copies of Wurm Unlimited. I still don't see any official WO strategy. What's there to make people stay, when they can buy WU once and play the game forever while they are limited to 4 months of premium in WO for the same money. I'd say there's absolutely no logic behind it.
  5. Here is my experience with digging: 1. Clay is far better for skillgain than dirt - I didnt test tar since I also had a need for lots of clay, so it was a nice coincidence. ^^ 2. low QL high CoC digging tool is the way to go And 3rd, which is why I say digging tool in the above: dredging seems to be better than digging with a shovel. So the way to go for me has always been to dredge clay. Besides flattening gives close to zero body stats while dredging / digging does give a fair amount.
  6. Sales closed for now. In contact with people for my last few silvers. Might have more in a day or two when the items from my auctions have been sold.
  7. Auction closed. Please let me know which accounts to mail to.
  8. OP updated, mind the bid for the axe that I received via PM.
  9. BUMP 1g 20s sold so far. Got more left.
  10. I've got some money to sell. 1g / 85 € 1s / 0.85 € Paypal verified. PM