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  1. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    Server Rules 1. Don't imitate staff members. This ranges from naming your character Gmcoolguy or Avvardis to saying "Hey i'm a gm" in chat. 2. Griefing is allowed. This is a PVP server. If someone is doing something you don't like, deal with them. However excessive griefing that inhibits the ability for new players to play, such as walling in the starter deeds isn't a good idea. 3. Use common sense when participating in chat. No links to questionable content such as pornography, warez, anything related to piracy, etc. Racism isn't tolerated. 4. Exploits are prohibited and should be reported immediately. If it seems to good to be true or you have to hope you aren't going to get caught, that's probably an exploit. 5. Obey staff directives at all times. This list isn't all inclusive and trying to be cute and skirt around a rule won't be tolerated. When in doubt, ask staff.
  2. Weekly News #26 Suggestions and Starter Deeds

    I don't understand why GMs are getting involved in the sandbox aspect of HoTA after almost a year and a half of it being considered acceptable. If the participants want less trees why don't they cut them down like all the other participants who came before them? It's not a case of unfixable terrain like HoTA on the old map, it's just trees which any player or alt can cut down and sand over. Removing trees from the area isn't going to magically bring any players back and currently there's no competition for HoTA as there's only one active kingdom and Elevation's population is at an all time low, unable to break 25 concurrent premium players online since March. This just feels like the same problem that's existed for years of focusing on retaining the players who currently play with bandaid changes instead of trying to bring in new players or getting old players to return by fixing the problems that drove them away in the first place. There's been a pocket full of promised changes "coming soon" for the last few months but the rate at which they're being delivered compared to the rate at which Epic is hemorrhaging players doesn't bold well for anybody. Also, what Darklords said.
  3. Collision Clarification

    The fact that this mechanical change was introduced in the same patch as the fabled bridges without any mention until yesterday troubles me. The lack of transparency and complete information in change logs and patch notes is a recurring theme that causes a lot of problems with the community. We've been reminded almost monthly for years that "bridges are coming soon" but the only mention of this prior to yesterday is a post from 2013. It would have been nice for this to have been re-announced when the new Elevation map was announced so people could attempt adjust their deed plans accordingly. The deeds that have been built up for years around this mechanic are the ones that are going to suffer the most though.
  4. An answer to Rite of Death

    A simple solution would be for the Fo spell Holy Crop to remove mycelium within Fo's domain. This gives Holy Crop a reason to be cast and Fo's domain a reason to be spread.
  5. Epic feedback feedback thread

    No f2p alts on elevation. I don't see how it serves a constructive purpose.
  6. Libila gets double favor from all alchemy items. This includes bladders, teeth, glands, etc. Due to the time it takes to collect large amounts of items like this on March 19th, 2014 the following change was made: Alchemy item double favor gain values were increased by a factor 15 Last time I checked Libila priests are capable of getting their own saccables when it comes to alchemy items like bladders and glands so I don't feel like being unable to farm is a justifiable reason for onions and wemp to be so much better than any other saccable. Cordage rope used to be a popular item for favor but now it's more efficient for Libila priests to simply sacrifice the raw wemp instead of turning it into a cordage rope because that requires two skills instead of one and overall you get more favor without the risk of making a low ql cordage rope. You have an entire category of alchemy items to sac for "double" favor yet a few select crops are the only items anyone uses due to the ease of availability. At 90 farming you get a minimum of 6 crops per harvest if you don't rake the field at all. That's 6000 favor for a 10x10 farm area, or 5900 if you replant it, every couple of days with less time invested than mining and making locks or farming and then creating strings of cloth and then creating squares of cloth or the entire mess of a process of making yoyos. Crops also always come out at maximum quality, assuming you don't harvest them early, and require no tools at any point during the process besides a shovel of any quality to turn grass or mycellium to dirt. Every other saccable requires at least one tool to create and the quality varies depending on the quality of the tools involved as well as skill. If a Magranon priest sacs a door lock they get twice as much(2x) favor as any other priest receives from that item. If a Vynora priest sacs a yoyo they get twice as much(2x) favor as any other priest receives from that item. If a Fo priest sacs a square piece of cloth they get twice as much(2x) favor as any other priest receives from that item. If a Libila priest sacs an onion or wemp or other alchemy item they get one thousand(1000x) more favor than any other priest receives from that item. A vynora priest saccing one 97.37ql onion [15:16:35] Favor increased by 0.0100 to 35.794