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  1. Wilca is the ingame name. Thanks so much Madnath, it's very generous of you to take the time to do this.
  2. Could I get Birch's dumpling, meat broth, and tomato ketcup?
  3. Great folks to do business with -- and super nice people. Give them your money now
  4. Please COD 1 of these to Wilca Dioptra, Bronze 70ql Go build some awesome bridges! 6 0s 60c
  5. Gotta find one of those music shops! Haven't seen one in years/
  6. @pride Wow, wonderful cover. You've probably already heard the original, but just in case
  7. Anytime you hit a non-premium toon with a flaming aura arrow they immediately burst into flames. At least make alts fun if people are going to use them.
  8. ah, dang. Thanks for the update
  9. If you still have the green dragon hatchling bloods you can cod them all to wilca
  10. Please cod your best mining potion and 3 best woodcutting potions to Wilca