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  1. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    @pride Wow, wonderful cover. You've probably already heard the original, but just in case
  2. W.S.A. Crusader kingdom graphics

    lol, that ad was a joke
  3. Chaos alts

    Anytime you hit a non-premium toon with a flaming aura arrow they immediately burst into flames. At least make alts fun if people are going to use them.
  4. [CLOSE] WTS Blood

    ah, dang. Thanks for the update
  5. [CLOSE] WTS Blood

    If you still have the green dragon hatchling bloods you can cod them all to wilca
  6. Got the pots, thanks very much. I hope all is well.
  7. Please cod your best mining potion and 3 best woodcutting potions to Wilca
  8. Please CoD to Wilca fine fishing rod, willow, 30 ql, 92 coc, 1 s
  9. Please CoD to Wilca QL 89.94 potion of woodcutting (3.2s) QL 89.01 potion of woodcutting (3.2s) QL 87.66 potion of woodcutting (3.2s) QL 82.06 potion of woodcutting (3s)

    Please CoD to Wilca
  11. Game won't load up

    same with me. as always, tracert shows the issue at hetzner
  12. I can hook you up with med rugs. Just let me know here or pm Wilca ingame to let me know type and ql