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  1. got it, thanks! And sorry about posting on the old thread. I'll pay more attention next time...probably
  2. Hiya. I'd like to buy the skiller small anvil with 95 COC. Please CoD to my alt Tinywilca
  3. Hi, I'd like this skiller: Please COD to my alt, Tinywilca 19,44ql pickaxe, steel - 90coc // 80c
  4. let me know your price please. Can contact me here or Wilca in game.
  5. thanks for the fun Enki!
  6. Wilca is the ingame name. Thanks so much Madnath, it's very generous of you to take the time to do this.
  7. Could I get Birch's dumpling, meat broth, and tomato ketcup?
  8. Great folks to do business with -- and super nice people. Give them your money now
  9. Please COD 1 of these to Wilca Dioptra, Bronze 70ql Go build some awesome bridges! 6 0s 60c
  10. Gotta find one of those music shops! Haven't seen one in years/