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  1. Does this affect treeth GROWTH itself as well? Is that also based on the same chance?
  2. Has anyone perused the source code enough to get a good picture of how moddable it can get? Do we get basically the entire source for the whole server? What parts are on the client, though, and thus are unmoddable?
  3. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Where is the server located?
  4. I went to the wiki to see what all the various permission settings are, and there's this line in bold: Does anyone know which specific permissions I cannot give to another character?
  5. I'm surprised by how many people buy so many months at once. Where do you have so much extra monies lying around haha
  6. Oh, so if I get an alt to claim a deed, I can then change some permission settings for the deed to allow my main (and ONLY my main) full run of the house?
  7. Pony Killers

    Surprisingly, this is pretty common occurrence on Epic. Some people (especially those coming from Freedom) have a bit of a skewed notion of safety and protection on a no-holds-barred PvP server. We had a guy from our deed build a little "horse farm" off-deed and then complain all day long when he logged in one day and all his horsies were dead.
  8. I guess you were sailing into the wind and have never heard of the term "tacking" ?
  9. Promotions are all well and good, but I think it's best to steer well clear from Yogscast and their kind.
  10. Yeah no problem there, but players don't want to use that particular site.