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  1. GM's what happened? Why this some kind of epic and a legacy place after Tich was left not protected, left to decay away... @Retrograde? Any chances rebuilding it ? It was some kind of memorial... or just protect from decay what is left of it... before it will fall down completely without leaving a mark. Maybe then we will find some volunteers with sufficient skills to rebuild it slowly wall by wall. Yours Jaquari from Brotherland
  2. @fencejumpersadly like Mayia said Game Masters cannot do to much in this case, rules does not forbid being an deep dark black hole in the down parts of the celestial body. I think that if we all sit silent and let such players behave like this one day only those few players will be only inhabitants of the Wurm severs. Wurm has multiple good sides, but big downside is helplessness against such toxic behavior. Now instead of relaxing after work I log in and see another malicious move like the in previous post that another mine has been closed and deeded just to prevent access - because he can. I have a deep desire to take down my deed, pack up and leave Wurm again... one thing keeping me right now here is that I don't want to give him satisfaction. Let him deed everything around, I don't care, more money for the Wurm team.
  3. @Maiyawhat a coincidence look at the screenshots, this was a public mine just by my deed, the small sign was put by me last time that this is a public mine, please do not put the door now "someone" has put a deed on the hill, just to put a door and block the entrance all in accordance with the rules... I know crazy things happen lately in my neighborhood @Surigxyou aren't related with Boston/Babelfishy by accident do you ? I see some similarities you know.
  4. @Surigxdon't force yourself trying to be nice and friendly now You've probably checked all the feces in Inner Sea Sanctuary, is it impossible to break in somewhere, admit it Ok, end of malice, thanks Maiya for the interest, I'm also impressed with your creativity in deed planning Hope seeing you someday in game.
  5. @Surigx your answer right now told everything about you and your approach and respect to other players. I did not notice you on local, also you didn't get in my way earlier so I don't know what is your problem. I was hoping for a conversation before you chose the actions that you chose. Yes maybe I broke the rules and you did not... but I had a reason to be angry and I have clear conscience... and you... @MaiyaI think I have nothing more to add... Mr. Surigx told us clearly what were his intentions and what is his attitude... My place is at the red circle and his so called "deed" at yellow circle - just by Maple Lane on Indy
  6. First of all Hi@Surigx, nice to finally meet you. I own a deed - yes, massive ? I've seen a lot bigger. I've not "plopped down right on top of a public arboretum", I've extended recently as two of my neighbors started expanding on the public arboretum and I've got a bit angry, as for many months I've tried to maintain the public arboretum so it would be public and available to all. I've even started building there a viewing point tower, but lack of time made progress slow. Also this tower in center had additional purpose to block anyone from putting a deed there and keep it public. I've just did not consider my neighbors expansion as they were not playing to much. But they did what they did, I've expanded to save the rest of the arboretum for the time being. Additionally to my off-deed building - I'm building a public inn for passing travelers. Also it takes time which I don't have much currently because of some deadlines at work. Ok now back to you... I'm upset that you broke into and deeded the place not even trying to talk with me. I've put additional fences as there were my buildings and you broke my fences so I've put a new ones, I've just reacted to your behavior. Maybe to much - it was second situation after arboretum been taken over so I've overreacted - true. For the more - I did not break into the enclosure, all those fences were mine, except one gate that was decaying very slowly. I've peacefully waited till this place will start falling apart, when no one was coming back I've enclosed this space and started using this mine - it is small and quiet like I like it, nothing spawns there so you can be safe to. Surgix I'm not the newest member I've started playing back in 2011 and my first deed was in place of Stormie Gardens. I had a couple of years break from Wurm and got back in 2020. I'm not a Red Cross to deed something and make it public, but I have faith in community, or maybe I had... As for digging perimeter it was a story about someone else, not my own. I've just mentioned this as and act of impudence of other players... and you see if you would talk to me earlier you would know that I've tried to maintain public arboretum for almost a half year back, why I've expanded currently and what my plans are. Also we could work it out with the mine and place for your deed. I could even take down the outpost building that was there to block someone trying to deed this place, but you had to do it in your unfriendly way. Maybe we both overreacted, but you did not know the facts. I've talked to both neighbors that built over public arboretum and reasoned with them as I do not want enemies or toxic neighborhood. And then you shoved up... To many wrong assumptions Surigix.
  7. @MaiyaI didn't try now as I was making multiple attempts when Jamel was doing rounds close to my deed perimeter, probably doing some archeology, but I've never got response, I was completely ignored so I've stopped and done some research about him in my alliance as I wanted to know who he is and what to expect from him. I've got not so positive feedback then, so now when I've heard that he was seen around the mine that was taken over I've did not even bother trying to contact him considering previous attempts. If I'm mistaken then big apologies for Jamel. I've got really angry for such behavior when somebody breaks and deeds a place knowing that this was somebody's place, not abandoned. I hear you Maiya about the "deed it or loose it" but from my point of view this is not the way... I've started playing when you could get banned for bashing and stealing from someone enclosed area and that was a good rule. Now we are powerless against destructive behavior. Yeah, I could deed everything and be called greedy, taking every mine, every resource but I'm a nice person and I do not want to take everything for myself, I like to help and share with people... but I hate impudence and lack of respect to other people work and feelings. Main reason of my fury is the one called Surigx, even if not deeded the buildings should be respected, if not this is a pure malice. I would forgive a new player, but not a old one that should be more reasonable.
  8. @gothrek I've heard this story too, but from different point of view from the Yabba owner... hard to know who lies, but as far as I know you do not have any reasons to make it up. Sadly this was not only one story about Jamel, but if I was misled about him in this matter I'm ready to apologize. Will see... As for you @gothrek you left the game ? ah banned... sorry to hear that
  9. As in topic, those are old players that probably think that their game experience makes them do whatever they want disregarding other players. I heard many unpleasant stories from other players that encountered Jamel, now I heard from my neighboring players that he was probably involved in breaking in into my enclosed area with Surigx where I had a little closed mine. This area was not deeded but I've put a building named Brotherland Mining Operations so that other players would know that this place is maintained by my deed. Also there were gates with my name tag on it, so anyone so old and experienced should know how to message me and talk about sharing the mine or so... I wouldn't mind if somebody would be nice and ask - instead of it Surigx broke my gates and mine door, put his own and also between my buildings he put a small settlement so now I can do nothing, my buildings are in perimeter and mine is on his deed. If this is not griefing then i call it impudence. I'm a friendly player also remembering some old times in Wurm and one thing that makes me feel bad are such players that do not respect other players. This game is made for all of us and except a few cases most of us players especially Independence players want to just play peacefully, without fear that someone will come and take or destroy our stuff or make a mess in neighborhood putting doors on public mines, digging dirt from our deed perimeter or worse, just because he/she can. I'm not afraid to call Jamel name even if he wasn't in collusion with Surigx but from all the stories I can suspect that he had no good intentions. So I ash you all - if you have some stories to share involving those two players - please do, post them in reply. Regards to all the peaceful good players Yours Jaquari
  10. I think that it just enters the decay function, when on deed or in magical chest it just exits the function without updating the last decay tick date in item - common programming method, simple as that. Just update the last decay tick date before exit and it would be ok. As for faster decay of items off deed - I'm not a fan of destroying items. Normal decay should be enough. Just think about adding a decay to locks - if a off-deed locked container decays to less than 10 QL or 70 dmg - when the secure protection fails then also the locks could fail - this way old carts, abandoned containers, old bee hives could be reused by other, not littering many places till they decay completely as this sometimes takes forever.
  11. I will be protecting my teleportation idea, everyone tell it is not real and so, but the portals and teleportation exist in Wurm so please do not hate me for such proposition. This is a game where magic exist, where you can bless, enchant, also teleport to village you have karma points to do some hocus pocus. Traveling is fine, but when someone has his place at end of a map, where travel to market place would take him many hours this makes those market places to quickly become empty. The idea is to have some kind of fast travel and return. This can be a dragon taxi if you want
  12. Hello Wurmians and Wurm Team, I've been lately at Freedom Market on independence and this place looks deserted, a shadow of former glory of this place. Most of traders leaved as the business is not profitable, and this made me think how to revive such places and also put more live in trading and coin flow on Wurm servers. Problem is - distance. If there would be some kind of portal or other teleportation system into such places as Freedom Market it would help traders to sell their products and other to buy the stuff they need as enchanted tools etc. Obviously it would require some kind of restrictions - when traveled by such teleportation/portal to Market Place you could not leave the Market deed (punishable by guards or just a warning and teleport back to the Market token when trying to leave the Market borders. There could be portals that could be build like those that give possibility to travel to epic servers, or just teleportation using karma points. When it would be a some kind of portal the usage should be limited (maybe portal would need to recharge to enable to travel again - returning to the source portal should be available always without restriction). Also Kingdom could take some kind of tax of the trader profit to maintain the Markets, some like 5% of the price of the selled item. This would give kingdom more coins to give to traders enabling the possibility to buy more stuff from new players and the circle would close. This is just a seed of a idea but maybe in some form it would be acceptable and maybe this way the trade would blossom on Wurm. Regards Jaquari
  13. Chickens do not have any traits, names, so it is easier to just put those in something like chicken coop, but I think that even if chicken are in coops the chicken as a creature in database has still its instance, only thing that server can skip some of its behavior (those are not moving, do not need to track it's position and control it's movements), just lay eggs, eat, age, but it is still a creature instance that takes it's place in server memory. Stables also could only release some of the animals behavior from server load, but still the creature count surly won't decrease that way. Some of the Wurm Devs should confirm that as this is just my supposition as a programmer, but I do not know know exactly the Wurm was build. Some things are universal thou. Surely breeders should maintain their stock to reasonable count, I think there is a way to reduce the need of breeding so much animals - just increasing the harvest count of each animal - cows should give more milk (maybe age should influence as a multiplier), same to sheep (more milk and wool) and other animals that produce some of the stuff, pigs could age quicker to be faster "harvestable", also each of animal should have it's breeding counter, as in normal life each female has its limits to give birth. It is easier to obtain just regulating some of the server and creatures constants and parameters, creating stables and other new in-game creations is more time consuming and needs more dev time to implement. Those are just my suggestions, but maybe some of those could be helpful to reduce the need to have so much on deed animals. Regards Jaquari
  14. I'm a returner from a long almost 7 years absence in Wurm and nearly first thing I did I've asked for Tich, as I've had neighboring settlement next to Rockcliff - and this information... got me so sad. I dod not know Tich as good as I would like, we just chatted as neigbours, Tich helped me a lot with some tools, enchantments and many many maaaaany fish. Just a quiet Wurmian friend that while I was offline sometimes just for no reason visited my settlement, left me something good, even sometimes throw some coins to my deed upkeep... just like that. My respect for Tich is limitless... and maybe... this is to @Retrograde and other Wurm team members... as a humble idea - what about ascending Tich to rise and join the gods of Wurm... what do you think ? Yours sincerely Jaquari from Brotherland