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  1. BUMP! Good owner, knows how to PvP. Very good community, much experience in WO PvP.
  2. I can help you with setting this up. Send me a pm if you got time.
  3. You have to insert a table inside the Modsupport.db. Tables: DEPOT TITAN This should fix your issue.
  4. Servername: The Fading Fields PvP Skillgain rate: 25x Action timer rate: 7.5x Creature count: 70k The server is highly modded. Too see more info please join our discord server:
  5. yes, thats possible, only not the change for karma cost and such. So you can edit the Casting timer and Cooldown timer. Maybe @Sinduskcan add it in his mod of spellcraft for karma-cost change. Do you know how to Decompile the server.jar? If you go to this location you can find all the spells. Even stoneskin and such. Path: com.wurmonline.server.spells.class
  6. I will hereby place my configuration overview. Maybe Sindusk can place it in the nearest future in his spellcraft mod as a example.
  7. Can somebody give me the answer in which Database I can find the settings of how much champions each kingdom/deity may have. Aswell for Demigods and PMK's. I can't find anything at the moment. The Realdeathquestion.class does not give any numbers out. And the deities.class neither. So if someone can point me into a good direction. Maybe I can make a mod and release it to the public
  8. In which database can you find the name of the Spells? The new spells are added to the server, but I have to find their calling name for customizing them. Please help me. Nvm found it: package com.wurmonline.server.spells;
  9. Edit to Topic head. Placed a permanent Invite link to Discord in the topic.