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  1. I'd settle for the inscription of its maker to include its date of manufacture. It doesn't need to convey any bonus.
  2. You could simply save a screenshot, i suppose. Might be the easiest. the function might also work, but its a bit dodgy to get the spacing correct
  3. Also, traders could have a model with tears running down their cheeks when they're out of money. (OT: +1. its a good idea, and i like it)
  4. Accept the 3 undisputed truths of the world 1, prices go up 2, politicians lie 3, you're gonna grow older The sooner you do, the happier you'll be.
  5. This one you're looking for? />http://youtu.be/HdO6xLqc-Yo
  6. Well, why not? If it rubs the realism people the wrong way, perhaps they could leave webs around where they roam instead? Like, on tree tiles it'd cover parts of it in webs occasionally. These webs would be harvestable with a Spindle, but would decay fairly quickly (one or two days)
  7. -1. This game needs to permit MORE types of speech, not less. It's near police-state levels of censorship already. That said, I find the gun debate to be very tiring to listen to. It's near religious in its fervor, and a very political issue in the states right now as well, so I can see where the OP is coming from with this. However, I just can't support more restrictions of free speech, so I'm just going to silently hope for people to find something else to talk about and ignore Global when the gun topic comes up.
  8. Well, since it's made out of tin and not aluminium it's definitely not as modern as it it sounds. Besides, tin foil hats might actually make people stop having thoughts about patch change conspiracies (Protunia is posting approving comments all over this forum section! . I'm scared now.)
  9. In this brave new age of wurmian innovation, I've come to the conclusion that our world is sorely lacking in ways for the preservation of foodstuffs and rational thought. Therefore, I propose the introduction of the ability to craft Tin Foil out of lumps of Tin. Tin as a material has very little utility in the game as it is, and this would provide an excellent avenue for crafting. Activate Small Anvil. Use on glowing tin lump -> Miscellaneous -> Tin Foil Possible uses for it are for wrapping meals (one use only), to eliminate the accelerated decay from having the foods in your inventory. It'll decay like it was in a barrel. Also, tin foil hats. For stylish protection against unsavory ideas and bird droppings. It is my hope that Rolf will realize that this game will never truly be complete without this essential addition to the crafting toolset. Please all state your support below.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'd love for the only rule being "Don't be a ######", thus taking care of all the problems at once. It works if its a small group of friends. The big problem with that rule, though, is that it's subjective as hell... just like the word "obvious". To make rules based on subjectivity is just begging for trouble. There is a reason why laws in the real world are written to contain as little subjectivity as humanly possible, the big downside being that to make them comprehensive enough you have to write a craptonne of them, and exceptions and special clarifications to every single one. And now we've written so much of the stuff that we need an armada of specially trained people (lawyers) to even understand what it at all means in actual practice. This is obviously not a good model to use for a game. It's too bloated and unwieldy. In my opinion, what we need is a plain & visible list of exploits that are known and forbidden, and as soon as one is discovered immediately add it to that list, along with an in-game announcement. We need MORE transparancy, not less. And there should be NO bans or other punishments done to the people using these exploits before the announcement. We do NOT need retroactive rule application. Simply resetting any gains will be enough (and even that is debatable). Bottom line: Nobody should ever have to guess or ask if something is an exploit or not. It should be stated somewhere for easy reference. This way, every case would be clear-cut and fair.
  11. The problem, i think, lies in what is an acceptable mechanic and what is not. The term "Wogic" was invented for a reason, as many systems and mechanics in this game behave in a very inconsistent or illogical manner. Just as an example: Wrapping items in a barrel to get around restrictions in the mail system is an obvious exploit to circumvent game systems, thus according to these rules is cheating and a bannable offense. Yet, to this day I know of absolutely nobody that has been punished for doing it. With that reasoning, one could assume it's perfectly allowed despite the fact that there has been no announcement about the practice from the dev team or moderators (at least not to my knowledge). What then differs from this situation compared to any other exploit? Or perhaps the wording of the rule is to be taken very literally, and only exploits concerning the obtaining of items or skill points counts? In that case, everything else would be fair game, and that doesn't sound very likely. This whole thing is especially confusing for new players, as there's just no easy way for them to know whats just "wogic" and what isn't. If it truly is all a matter of the opinions of the devs or moderators, then the rule should say: "The obvious abuse of any (according to our opinion, which varies from case to case) exploit, bug or other methods of gaining skill and/or obtaining items that isn't as intended. (macros are covered by the rule above) Doesn't have quite the right ring to it, though, does it? /edited many many times for spelling
  12. I want a portcullis too!