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  1. Not sure if its possible but if the icon size scaled with the text size in the settings it might solve the problem. I don't care if the icons don't look as good scaled up, I just want to be able to see them.
  2. The free look sensitive on 1 (lowest) is still crazy fast Inventory icons are almost not visible Local/Alliance name area is too narrow, only shows 6 characters Inventory expand/collapse are too small (1/2 to 1/4th the text next to it, about 1/2mm high) and difficult to click Inventory close icon is small Inventory activated text is cut in half The health bars are really small, about 1cm tall for the entire component
  3. Winter is optional if you know what to do. I would be nice though to have spotty snow textures that sill show bits of the ground under it. Its really annoying when you cant tell what tile is which from a quick glance.
  4. Im just sitting here like, where are the kings robes sense the start of pmks
  5. +1 if the drag and a 5 minute window for the corpse pickup block. Once the 5 minute time is up you would be able to pick it up again. This would help when you have control of the body but have a person or alt sitting in local or a deed and have to leave it behind. Its stupid when your trying to fight someone who knows they are about to die so they stop fighting back and start running around picking up gear till they die with a active res stone. If they die and drop their gear then their friend with a res stone picks up their stuff and so on. Pvp shouldn't be spamming the take bind a million time a second to try and get loot. Both epic and chaos have bad parts with the pvp loot system but the drag and a short block timer would be a nice middle ground. It would also make gate hops a bit more fun when someone is dragging a body away and the other group charges to try and take it back.
  6. An update on this using the taste option The original vodka: [13:14:09] You think the vodka might give you more of an insight about body control! The vodka that was split: [13:12:33] The vodka tastes not at all nutritional. I would like to be able to share the vodka that I make with other people so please fix this
  7. If you wanted to put more work into it, you could make something like a mastery tree where each some abilities unlock other ones and each ability is upgradeable. Something similar to the league of legends mastery tree. Where each level you would unlock 3 or 5 points that you can spend. .
  8. Going along with the idea of lots of abilities to choose from, some of the following ideas might be cool to see with a bit of balancing work. Ill add more as I think of them. Path of Love: Cure light A spell/ability that can be used on a pet to increase the tame level (must be tamed first) Passive that makes pets stay tamed for longer Path of Hate: Frantic Charge - Something similar to the spell Brute force - A spell/ability that increases the change to make something but failing does more damage or destroys the materials on failure Path of Knowledge: Reduced action timers for a limited time Increased Focus - A spell/ability that makes focusing easier for a limited time Path of Insanity: Stasis - Invincibility for a very short time but unable to move. Something similar to zhonya's hourglass on league of legends. Breakdown - You stop blocking but do more damage for a limited time
  9. I don't see hate being all that powerful because all of the abilities are limited time buffs. For instance, Frenzy is only 1 minute which would only allow a small number of hits in even if its +50% attack speed that ignores minimum swing timers. It also would reduce your defensive CR by 35% which can be a lot. For instance if you had 12 CR and you activated the spell you would loose 4.5cr which I think is the same as around a 130 numbness cast and more than the kingdom king bonus (+3CR). When this is activated you would be taking good sized risk. Even if you also activate Roar, its still only a 2 minute bonus. Fights can last a while so these could also be potentially wasted if the opponent backs out for a short time. The one I see being the weakest for pvp out of all of the paths is Power. The main buff that you get is elemental immunity but most player gods have bl spells (fungus trap, RT, scorn, rotting gut, ect.) so there is a easy way around it. The longer stuns could be powerful but bashing can be difficult to do depending on who your fighting so again you could easily be in a situation where you die without getting the bonus from any of these. Increased stam is nice but you can also just back out of a fight. This being said I still think this is quite balanced and I would need to see it implemented to see exactly how powerful one is over the other. Edit: If people still think the hate abilities are too strong you could add the fire pillar animation or something similar on the player when the person actives the spells to alert other players. LoL does something like this for all of the champs that have similar limited time glass cannon abilities. The one I'm thinking of is the ult for Olaf, see the one on the left in the video
  10. Would I be taking damage the entire time I meditate? +1 to making hate tiles easier to make, shouldn't need a bl tower + bl altar + priest and need to fix it every week or so
  11. +1 The ability to pick what actives/passives along with the incremental bonus makes it more way more balanced across the levels
  12. If you take a drink and split it up using any container, the drink will no longer give an affinity. However if its the original liquid, it will.
  13. Vodka changed from turrets to exorcism so I am very pleased with this update Also like 70% of the meals before the update gave me the same 6 affinities and now it seems a lot more spread out
  14. All lists of items should have a search option. Saves the user time and frustration searching for something they when shouldnt need to.