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  1. same issue downloaded game from website
  2. Hello can i add my question in this topic about my trader becouse i cant relaize if the taxes paid its equal to iron or copper i mean if are 100 how much is? 1c? Its around 2 weeks that my trader are freezed with the normal ratio 0.10 even more from 2 weeks but the taxes paid and off course also coins are always same the one i put on it. Thanks in advance for the answer. I just hope its a my mistake becouse many other are tell me that can be only in exo.
  3. yes sorry my mistake i just disactivate FBO glsl now is ok. thanks!
  4. and dont tell me anythings about grafic drivers or other ###### please
  5. Its days now im getting lag moving and freezed in sametime cant do nothing after 5 minute only can do is just quit wurm here is what i get from my end: unstoppable lag moving very slow and 5meter at frame tiles, moutains, building, object when rotate become without texture black or mixed with other near tiles grafic Please can i know if there are anythings i have missed in the news or is a new bug in the client java or else can i have some info thanks.
  6. Hello, here im today with my first ADs want add this items for sell if anyone is interested price cant be changed here is the list: 1k planks 24ql - 2s SOLD 1k copper lump 15-32ql - 1s 1k bricks up 38ql - 2s SOLD 2k dirt - 2s SOLD 1k shards 50ql - 1s ORDERS: Tools 70ql no enchant - 40c Weapons 50ql no enchant - 25c Forniture and storage 50ql - 25c SPECIAL STORAGE: BSB - 10c FSB - 10c Small Crate - 10c Large Crate - 15c Market is located at Uloa (x17y46) South Exodus if need delivery price is 1s and 50c same server
  7. and water reflection still i cant setup it ..... ehm maybe was login when there was a restart maintenance in sametime ..... nevermind!
  8. Hello just update java with the 64bit with last driver grafich and when i start the client could not moving for a bit then could look at tiles was half grass and half with slab preatty confuse and i crashed here is the report hope can be helpfull to find a solution for my machine. thanks!
  9. Trowel - Reserve price asked by Bluemoonn
  10. Just added a new rare trowel it can be impruve to 70ql if needed now is 4.66ql please on the first offers add wich rare tool has be submit the offer. thanks!
  11. [15:30:25] A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. You need to temper the sickle by dipping it in water while it's hot. [16:52:07] A wide metal blade on a shaft, used to dispense and clean up mortar on bricks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. Rare Sickle 50ql Rare Trowel 4.66ql (can be imp to 70ql) Starting bid - 3s Minimum increment - 1s Reserve price - yes Buyout - 7.5s to merchant in Uloa south EXODUS x17 y47 or Mailed buyer pay the COD
  12. In a trip to meet Tarkie and i find something on the way that freeze me: