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  1. Bridge screenshots

    wow lei something like this is now on my to-do list. i need a boat house or several like that in my life just imagine building several of those in a row
  2. Interview with CEO of Code Club AB

    Bwg , right forgot about that. ugh its probly going to be alot more expensive then *pulls hype train emergency brakes*
  3. Interview with CEO of Code Club AB

    id love this .. if there would be a way for me to use my steam wallet to pay for prem instead of the current setup id save alot of money the extra players might be nice aswell but meh steamwallet prem is more exiting imo
  4. 'Master Butcher'

    congratulations aly, thats amazing
  5. Converting Clay to Dirt

    thanks for your thoughts, i guess i was shot down =) as coastis said clay really is a menance on the new servers.
  6. can we get a high level priest spell that can turn clay into dirt ? or anything along those lines that makes it impossible to greif with. with xanadu clay is everywhere, raise a couple of tiles up from the sea and half of them are likely to be clay. any thoughts on this ? has it been discussed before?
  7. hello lars thats an awesome model you got there, you mentioned that you modeled in maya. would it be possible to model in an older version of 3dsmax for wurm and what filetype's do you guys use? and damn your texture library must be amazing that owl man, and those clean uv's. just awesome thanks for showing us this it would be really interesting to see more of the creation process
  8. Xanadu available!

    just my luck i step out the door for some sun, and 20 minutes later xandu is connected xD been mashing my F6 so hard since thuesday morning i think il need a new keyboard. SET SAIL !
  9. Xanadu fixes

    for me personaly rock is more important then iron, not that iron isnt important but not for me. so im not all that affected by the ore shuffling. i still feel that this is the work of some exceptional whine thats been going on in the forums. i was in on the land rush event and the only thing i have done since it went live is to katalog the server prospecting noteing trees, biomes and mobs on the map i got plenty of iron sources dotted out over my map from 5 days of prospecting. i also have alot of other ores dotted out on the map, this is what hurts the most for me i spent a solid 5 days just walking and taking notes all over xandu. now im not sure what the actual ore distribution looks like but i have been able to find plenty of ores on the eastern half of the map atleast, both north and south. atleast i didnt start deeding stuff yet.
  10. cant accses

    i cant get to the play button O_O halp, i cant enter the site and hit the play button. how can i start the client ? The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. found it nvm you can start the client from the wiki page, for anyone who wont let you into the main site
  11. Wtb Ricks And Mortor 1K Each

    i can deliver 1k bricks and 1k mortar to you later tonight grangus i know where you live hehe i have a farm not far from you i have sent you a pm with my prices reply when you are avaliable, i wont be able to deliver until later tonight though
  12. Continued Downtime

    not sure about the extent of the ddos but my guess is that its just some bum with a ###### bucket that fired up loic because wugic hit him hard in someway i got an itch i cant scratch damnit i got fields to tend to walls to dig and fences to build. =(
  13. Wts Dirt & Bricks & Mortar

    my stock is empty and i want to thank all of you who bought from my bulk stash, il start working on a new batch of bulk resources and update this thread when i have a new stash built up
  14. Wts Dirt & Bricks & Mortar

    2k bricks delivered to the fine gentleman rerolled as soon as i get back to exodus, il send you a pm xerxusmitgira and come on over with your mortar
  15. Wts Dirt & Bricks & Mortar

    im lifting the anchor now