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  1. I got it fixed after changing my pass multiple times, i am not sure if it was my fault or the servers fault or my computers fault but i do know it was the correct pass everytime. Sorry for the drama youll was just kinda saddened cause i had just bought some prem and it was saying i hadint registered i was like really? and just stopped playing. Thank you for the help guys.
  2. Yo if there any GM/CMS/ out there or developers i need help! I cant login into game and get error message -ERROR CANNONT CONNECT YOU NEED TO BE REGISTERED-. When i already registered for wurm and have premium time! My char is called midnightroamer. I can not play this game intill it is fixed and have gave up for a week a now...
  3. How do i get in touch with enki if i cant login lol? What is his forum account
  4. Im using java 32 bit i believe and have tried unstable client and normal client im going to switch to 64 bit and see if it does anything .
  5. Hello i am midnightroamer from wurm online and have tried to login for the past WEEK and it just says i need to register a account when i already registered many years ago. I have had premium time for awhile now and intill september but have gave up on wurm. I have given up because i can not login, it just gives me the ERROR-CONNECTION DENIED YOU NEED TO REGISTER A ACCOUNT, So i just quit and stop trying. This kinda saddens me that i cant play a game that i just spent like 16 euros. I hope somebody will help me. I just wanna play. By the way my login information is right i checked by using in shop! Thanks if youll can help me!
  6. Wurm Serenity Love Song

    Hell yeah! Love this song
  7. Gable (Roof Suggestion)

    Yeah! Thats a good idea the more roof types the better ;D.
  8. Right Click Boat To Drink

    So true, such a simple fix would make travel a little easier.
  9. Brilliant i could picture libraries all around wurm filled with books to help noobies out plus it'll make wurm more realistic! +1
  10. Cart pole locks

    +1 Very good idea, carts are a pain to put in on a specific spot or where you want them this will make it more organized.
  11. Boat Speeds Through Higher Quality Boats.

    1+ Yes another thing in the game to do! It only makes sense that the higher the Quality of the boat the faster it should go.
  12. Hi a newb to this game i and i need a village to help me learn more about wurm and whatnot. If im in your village i have to offer complete loyalty and will stay with you to the very end. I also have some training in wurm skills.