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  1. Figured out how to add custom map to the Wurm Client. It's a client side change to the graphics pack file and will probably be overwritten during the next update, but it's a start.
  2. What options are you using at the command line?
  3. Are you setting your java memory options when you start the generator? If not, that might help. I always drop wgenerator.jar in the root of my c: drive, then open a command prompt and type: cd\ java -Xmx16g -jar wgenerator.jar That will let wgenerator use up to 16 GB of memory. You can set the value to anything you like (replace g for m to specify memory size in megavytes), just know that if you exceed the amount of memory available to your system it's going to hit page file and that's going to be slow.
  4. Eitr - The memory changes work well. I just generated an 8x8 on my laptop. On 2.4, I burned through my memory and started poking at the page file. With the memory changes you committed this today, the generator running the same .act only consumed 11.5 GB of memory at it's peak.
  5. Pretty sure I can host the 16x16 locally. I'm exploring options for hosting a 32x32, Unfortunately, I can't use the same server for hosting that I used for generating. And yeah, that machine has ~1TB of free space on it.
  6. I was able to generate a 16x16 without any issues. I'll definitely start paging on a 32x32, but PCI-E SSDs help with that. Here's where I ended up on the 16x16
  7. Regarding the dynamic dirt I was playing around with Buddha's map gen and after changing it to a single pass dirt drop (instead of 1 dirt per tile per pass), I was able to add something like that: public void dropDirt(int dirtCount, int maxSlope, int maxDiagSlope, int maxDirtHeight) { double maxSlopeHeight = maxSlope * singleDirt; double maxDiagSlopeHeight = maxDiagSlope * singleDirt; double maxHeight = maxDirtHeight * singleDirt; double adjMaxSlopeHeight, adjMaxDiagSlopeHeight; double adjMaxHeight = maxHeight - waterHeight; double tileHeight; long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); for (int x = 0; x < heightMap.getMapSize(); x++) { for (int y = 0; y < heightMap.getMapSize(); y++) { tileHeight = getTileHeight(x,y); if (tileHeight > maxHeight) continue; if (tileHeight < (waterHeight - (2 * dirtCount))) { Point dropTile = findDropTile(x, y, maxSlopeHeight, maxDiagSlopeHeight); addDirt((int) dropTile.getX(), (int) dropTile.getY(), dirtCount); continue; } adjMaxSlopeHeight = Math.abs(maxSlopeHeight * (1 - (tileHeight / adjMaxHeight))); adjMaxDiagSlopeHeight = Math.abs(maxDiagSlopeHeight * (1 - (tileHeight / adjMaxHeight))); Point dropTile = findDropTile(x, y, adjMaxSlopeHeight, adjMaxDiagSlopeHeight); addDirt((int) dropTile.getX(), (int) dropTile.getY(), (int) (dirtCount * (1 - (tileHeight / adjMaxHeight)))); } } logger.log(Level.INFO, "Dirt Dropping (" + dirtCount + ") completed in " + (System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime) + "ms."); }
  8. then it just sits there frozen, do i need to increase its ram usage and how would i do that? I did this by going to the wurm dedicated server folder and editing the LaunchConfig.ini. You're looking for the following (these might not be the correct default values): [Memory]InitialHeap=256mMaxHeapSize=1024 I'm running my settings at: InitialHeap=12000mMaxHeapSize=14000m The values should be dependent on the size of map you're running. 'm' indicates the memory allocation in megabytes. I've also found that adding StackSize can help with stack heap errors. The settings go in the Memory section: [Memory]InitialHeap=12000mMaxHeapSize=14000mStackSize=1m
  9. I'll update this once I'm done, but just tossing this out there for people as a point of reference... A 16x16 takes ~92GB of RAM to generate. Eitr, don't suppose you'd be willing to make 32x32 an option?
  10. Pristine is having serious issues, too. Just logged out because nothing was happening.
  11. Servers down?

    Ditto on Pristine. Got a connection force closed message.
  12. I was holding back my comments until new crops were planted and harvested. The new system is a massive step back for me. I have planted with farming 33 and am up to 34 now, seed ql was 25-32 depending on what was planted, and my rake started at ql 28.5 and is down to 26.8 now. I performed 3 tends, 2 while growing and a final one before harvesting. I'm getting 2 frigging yield per tile. Was getting 4 before. This sucks and is a total waste of my time. I'd rather just starve. Edit: Apparently with my specific combination of skills and item ql, Farming 34.25 was the magic number for getting 3 potatoes per harvest. IT's still not 4.
  13. I'm part of a small / large village (there's two of us running a large deed) located on an island located on south eastern Pristine called Southern Reach. There's a few other large settlements there, but the players are friendly and helpful. Things are a bit quiet right now; a few inhabitants are dealing with real life issues. It's definitely new player friendly, though, and we don't really place restrictions on what you can / can't do except the obvious (don't damage pre-existing buildings or landscaping, don't steal stuff, etc). I'm on for a few hours most nights and weekends, US MDT (GMT -8, I think). I've only been playing since December, but I've learned a lot and we have a few veteran players on the island who can help answer questions as well. Lastly, as I mentioned, we have a large deed. We the village of another player after he stopped playing and gave us the writs to his buildings. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to do much with that part of the deed as there are a few colossal projects going on at the moment.
  14. Done! Project Mortormis is at the east end of the highway. Thanks, Acaos!
  15. If this is still being updated, please add Project Mortormis at x38, y6. Also there is a highway running the length of x37, y7-y5 and intersecting highway from x36-x38, y6