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  1. Thanks, I changed my settings, then realized there was a discussion that I was still following, after I unfollowed it I had no more issues, still weird that there isn't an option to delete your profile.
  2. Okay maybe I'm aging and as a result cannot figure out simple tasks anymore, I for the life of me can not find where (if there is) a way to delete my profile/account from this forum. Any help would be appreciated. I changed my notification settings to not be notified yet I still get emails about things I don't care about as I have quit playing this for some time now. Thanks,
  3. One of the recent additions that I love is the ability to bless lamps and have them auto light and stay fueled if on pavement or bridges, I might add that it would absolutely be wonderful if the same blessed lamps would also work in cave systems, for example long tunnels that would be wonderful to stay lit with blessed lamps. Please think about adding this. Thanks, Wrecker.
  4. I would love to suggest what I think would be a wonderful idea. Having/keeping Hens is really nice, especially for getting eggs with the new cooking update. I was thinking, how great would it be to have a container/item "chicken coop" that you could fill with feed to keep your hens happy and not starve? Just by having it on the same tile as where the chickens are would keep them nice and fed. No more worries about having to drop piles of whatever to keep them from starving. Or it could even work like the new bees addition, where a hen inside a coop would perhaps live longer or produce more eggs that you can go collect! Please I hope other people find this idea as cool as I Thank you, Wrecker.
  5. I also have a horse that is diseased and has been so for a few days now. I've left him on enchanted grass and keep him groomed, but still no better. Is this a bug?
  6. Hey buddy, how are you? It's been awhile but I'm back. :D Hope everything is good with you, it shows you've been gone 32days. If you get the chance could you create a role for me that gives me back permissions on your deed please? A role for Wrecker would be better in case my time runs out again. Appreciate it buddy, see you soon!


  7. I would like to see Marble walls for buildings, and marble spirit houses. Also would like to see bats added maybe as non aggressive mob in caves.
  8. For the love of God please fix the load option for boats, it's ridiculous how close you have to be. The link shows just how close it doesn't work. Picture
  9. Luckily it was just on the outskirts of my deed, I expanded the deed to cover the bridge and now I can destroy the sections built. When they are all gone I can make it disappear
  10. Anyone know how to get rid of a bridge? I started a wood bridge but want to make it marble, I've completed 5 sections of it but I cannot delete the planned areas, I tried hitting the finished sections, but it does very little damage and I can't get the catapult to hit it. Only thing I can think of is to bash the completed sections away and then maybe it will give me the option to delete? Please help.
  11. I got it to download, unfortunately I had to simply delete the jar files to allow it to redownload, thanks Dorian for the link, I will do that next time Scratch that, didn't work, going with the link above now to see if that does it.
  12. After the bridges update I keep getting this, can anyone help please? This is what the temporary launch log says Incorrect CRC from remote copy for META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (expected=2838982891 actual=4158217541) Any help with or direction of who to tell about this would be appreciated Thanks, Wrecker
  13. Cobblestone Farms Y30, X10 Southeast quadrant