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  1. Please close

  2. WTB Fish

    i can fish for you
  3. Cooking questions answered!

    does the QL of the container effect on the ql of the meal ? does the QL of the meal effect to affinity timer ? does Opulence have affect on the affinity timer ?
  4. WTS Recipes (Over 300 to Choose From!)

    sent: Grilled Fish Fillet Fish Pie Fish Stew Fish Stir Fry to: redtiger thanks
  5. pickaxe c89 ql 5.17 cod to redtiger plz
  6. rope tool 91.95 c74 cod to redmondpriest (for 90c if i'm correct?)
  7. Sold Please close

    I likt to buy the Diamond's & Emerald's for 10s 51c the only thing is i will not be online till friday or saturday I hope you still want to sell them to my ? Btw. I'm on exo too (s16 blackpearl)
  8. Pendulum fish 76 cod to redmondpriest plz
  9. WTS rare rope tool

    can you imp it ?
  10. Close plz

    ql 80.57 maul send plz to redmondpriest thanks
  11. Lots of Enchanted Tools! 80+ Power! Lowered Prices

    Pickaxe, 8ql, 87coc - 1.4s send to redmondpriest thanks
  12. Teambuilding events...

    i like it !
  13. fine fishing rod (pinewood c51) 40c
  14. vynora priest team

    hee, i'm looking for vynora priest on exodus, i like to make a team of priest to work together. i'm on black pearl (s16), we have a golden altar of vyn if you are interested post or pm me
  15. Hunters paradise looking for a few new villagers!

    hee, i like to join your deed,