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  1. Valrei International. 078

    Great view and great news!
  2. Animal traits explained!

    This post explains something that happened some days ago.... Mean horse! Sorry for the bump.
  3. The Game

    Okay so I like to necro things.. I lost the game again! The least I can do it to try spread the curse..
  4. Wurm Assistant for Wurm Unlimited

    Thank you!
  5. Would like marble to add up more in color too. Mayhap add fence and walls that fit too while we at it ? I tend more towards the creamy color though. Love my white bridges.
  6. Wurm Assistant for Wurm Unlimited

    Love your granger! Any chance you would consider adding the three new colors to it?
  7. The Game

  8. List: Possibly unobtainable missions

    Misson is to collect items and sacrifice them, in this case 8 Holy Opals. I saw one of these sitting on a high way! woho Problem: it's on a deed, and I can't pick up.. How can we finish these missions if a owner who might never be on is the only one who can pick it up? Name: Everyone: Dangerous gesture in honor of Libila's dangerous mystery Creator: System Started: 29.03.15 2+:14 Progress: 1% Server Inde
  9. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 10

    Good luck onward Red Baron! I really enjoyed your news I love the looks of the new permissions system looks. I only have one hen to pick and that's pruning. See no option to disable/allow this, because if you happen to have hedge fence, you can prune them down to be passable. So what option covers this? Hopefully not picking sprouts, because i'd like to enable anyone to pick them on my deed. I also hope that bashing (fence) also goes for cutting hedges. My dream is to have my livestock fenced with hedges and still let random people pick sprouts and cut old trees off my treefarm.
  10. Found near Freebears. Will keep it till it keels over on it's own. Please contact me here or ingame for pickup,
  11. Add animal harness

    I suppose they are invisible in a way, but it would be grand if you could craft them and view them too I think.
  12. Add animal harness

    I love the visual look of the bardings! But feel both the visual and possibly added benefits of having a harness for the animal-drawn vehicles would be an fine addition. Maybe it could add a slight speed bonus when pulling carts etc. I do not think it should be required to be able hitch animals to carts, as leather can be hard go get when you fairly new to the game. But would mean more uses for the leather working skill. Perhaps a new features could be to: Pull trees etc through the woods without the use of a wagon at all Plow fields Cut grass Harvest some types of fields Help tear some types of fence down More ideas anyone? I also posted this on uservoice, not sure if that's used much anymore? I apologize if I missed out on others posting this idea, but I did a fair share of searching before posting. -Bene
  13. Sprouts In Bsbs

    +1 again to this idea! Any way of having sprouts stored without decay would be great. Sprouts alts not very handy when you want to make them available for all in your village. Also people can vote here:
  14. Price Check On Sprouts

    I guess the sprouts used for planting hedges would be more interesting as they get own looks too. As for planting sprouts, damage makes a big factor i have found, I rarely ever fail with non damaged sprouts of any ql (35 gardening), but if i have 70-80 ql sprouts with 40-50 dmg the fail rate increases a lot.
  15. Hedges

    Love these new things! Curious how they compare to maintain over time vs other fence, as they seem to be just as hard to destroy but not follow same max slope limits. Only wish I could store my sprouts someplace while i wait for the time where the hedges might look different! *keeps on the sprout on bsb/fsb crusade*