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  1. 70,93ql grooming brush, oakenwood - 92botd // 1,50s CoD to Karashishi thanks //K
  2. WTS Instant(101+) mailboxes

    Fast and excellent service, got my 103 mailbox within two casts! //K
  3. CoD to Karashishi. Thanks //K
  4. WTS Dirt (Xanadu)

    Thank you!
  5. WTS Dirt (Xanadu)

    Hi Send 60 crates (18000 dirt) to Karashishi. I'm on Xanadu Thanks /K
  6. [Fixed] Wagoner bug, after 27 june update

    The crates sent to Macoofer was dropped by the wagoner at the end of the first tunnel only 100ish tiles from starting location. Wagoner log states job is completed.
  7. Crow Kingdom Merch

    Please CoD 2 Banners to Karashishi Thanks //K
  8. Violet Cove Recipes & Archaeology

    Mask of the shadow- 2s CoD Karashishi please //K
  9. fruit press, oakenwood, 28 ql, 88 coc, 60 c CoD to Karashishi, thank you. //K

    Hi clay shaper, oakenwood 20ql COC78 - 45c spatula, oakenwood 23ql COC78 - 45c CoD to Karashishi, thanks. //k
  11. [FIXED] Can not attach runes

    Hi After the patch today i can no longer attach runes. I tried Crystal rune of libila bronze on shovel. But nothing happens, no message at all. It's like the command below the option in the menu is gone. Also tried on and off deed, with other toons, other combination of runes on other tools, same result everytime, nothing. A GM also tried and nothing happened. So its a bug? Regards Karashishi

    Quick as always, awesome service! Thanks //K