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  1. all booked, probbably sold
  2. 3gold sold, booked already, 12s left
  3. I can sell smaller amounts. Just let me know how many silver You need.
  4. 3 gold and 12s for sale payment via PayPal rate: 1s=1e sold.sold.sold
  5. yes it's over an hour. Rudie won. gratz for him and thanks to all bidders
  6. 420 ws Items for wort 2g+ at the market 80ql+ great for cast or just to do some profit selling in merchant Collection form Sandhill Village x23 y 31 on Exo starting bid: 42s (10c per item) min increment: 2s Buyout: no sniper protection: 1 hour No reserve Happy bidding and grab bargain!
  7. Om on exo. ok BabyBoy, esert is only 10min away from me then we can meet there today. let me know when
  8. like in topic. i would like to sell merchant contract price: 6.5s collection from sandhill village x23 y31 or m15 in game map