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  1. Hi Retrograde.


    I have a small issue with the forum mod team and am unable to get a reply from them on the matter.  Can you give someone a nudge (I've directly messaged solmark about this a few days ago).  Recently we had a post removed from our recruitment thread for 'trolling other kingdoms where they can't reply'.  We were unaware that it was a rule, as every kingdom does it in their threads, and responses have been made in each kingdoms own thread.  Usually things like quoting what was said by another kingdom or having jabs/making comments about other kingdoms in recruitment threads and has been permitted up until this incident.  However, despite our post being removed within minutes of it being posted, similar posts which have been reported in other kingdom's threads have been left open.  Namely those on page 6 of the Macedon recruitment thread.  I asked for clarification on the rule, as it seemed very specific to this situation.