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  1. Nearbosh, Wafflecat, I'll gladly take you two into my village. Give me a few minutes to get setup ingame and I'll send some invites out.
  2. Roseguard: The Village of the Winds Roseguard is a village that sits nestled by the gentle warm winds of the ocean and the Highfrost winds of the mountain. Overlooked by a reconstruction of Rosehall, the village of Roseguard itself is a haven built in tiers. Wherein each tier represents one of the winds and walks of life. We built our life on the progression of passion. Your place among us can vary greatly by your passion to live and strive within the realm of Wurm. Introduction to our village will have you placed as a Dock Worker, and living on the scenic townhouses placed on our lowest tier, where you will enjoy the sounds of the waves nestling and crashing on our shoreline. From this point, your chosen career will move you to different places in the village infrastructure. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] ​Shipwrights will find better accommodations on the raised platform behind the townhouses, remaining close to their work and the waves they so love to venture over. Two such residences will be provided, and built as someone rises to fulfill said position. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] Those who look to join us as general residents, who tend to their own and just wish to play leisurely, with no primary focus will take residence on our lovely Oleander Square, located two tiers over the Docks District and just below the Guild Court. Sharing in Oleander Square is our primary Animal Care Facilitating to Bison and other Bovine Species. However, worry not, as Oleander's communities are gated off from any potential Bull Goring and from prying eyes. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] ​Smiths and Tailors will find willful accommodations on the Tier encircling our Guild Court, with ample reach to our village's primary Mine, located behind the Seven Saints Cellar Inn and Tavern. Directly across from the 'Cellar' are two specialty shops, Chevasto's Loom and Jiorto's Silver Helm, dedicated to the crafts, and future home to our town's best artisans in said fields. [ Unfortunately due to the recent attack on Wurm I have not been able to garner photos on the reconstruction of our village. ] Above the Guild Court Circle is 'The Valley' currently home to our advanced housing project, the Cliffside Heights Commons. Future plans for the Heights are in hold, but they promise to be a beautiful vista overlooking the southern horizon, the Western Forested Ravine, and the Village as a Whole. Our village hosts facilities for the working man, as well as testbeds to increase the skill you currently have. Our Crafstman Hall is soon to host 4 Forges, Four Looms, and Four Ovens. Future items will be built in as necessary.
  3. Looks quite likened to a whole slew of good changes. Saddest thing was the DDoS however, seems we've found ourselves a dedicated attacker, be just as good to see someone find him I'd bet. Can't wait to get back in and start working on Roseguard again. I got entirely too bored earlier waiting for the game to come back up I started playing Minecraft on my Xbox 360 and ended up building, you guessed it, Roseguard. Glad to see we've gone ahead with the change of hosts, that's been much needed anyway. Perhaps with these higher end servers and all the new updates we'll get enough of a crowd to actually begin filling the servers to capacity and still maintain a good connection! Let's rattle some old bones, let's get our plans ready, and for the love of Magranon, who stole my coffee!
  4. Another 40k player! What army do you host?
  5. The need of a better established lore is ideal, but part feels as if it should lie within us to make it. As in, the Developers should give the overarching theme and some key points everyone would know, then perhaps through community input or events we build the rest and the devs canonize it.
  6. I'd pop a Magranon Collossus on my deed, yes sir.
  7. Considering the inconsistency of battles on the fringes of Chaos, sailing through it wouldn't be that bad unless someone introduced a naval combat system. And why force it, per say, it's more to show players the ease of accessibility of the server and just how it looks when you go around it. It would promote more trade with the natives, and we'd see the Wurmwide Economy grow just a little more for it. I'm not a Chaos or Epic player, at all, but I'm still all for the idea of sailing through/around chaos as the central server. I feel it would add a fair bit more to the 'story/lore' of the game to say and show that the lands in the centre of the Islands of Wurm is contested by many different factions.
  8. I would say that this is something we could use. Toss on one or two GM maintained deeds that are built up and designed to look like frontier communities with places for people to dock ships and have a bed to rest in, for a cost of course. Perhaps recycle the ways the servers are connected and make this or chaos the centre server, which in itself would change the landscape a fair bit, yes, but it would give a kind of tone to trade routes too. Want to move product quicker? Sail through dangerous servers, want to be safe, sail along the skirts of the other servers. Unique spawns should have their own places on the server, dragons to mountains or valleys for instance. Etc. This server would still be able to make more money for Code Club, easily, not in making players pay for access to hunt, although if this isn't the central server I'd be all for making this a server only premiums could cross into, but it would do something no other server really does anymore. It would one, provide that raw feeling of adventure we original Wurmians had when we took the dive and delved into the game, it would provide a communal ground where we could meet and greet with other players while forming hunting parties in the towns, and it would put more available supplies into the open market trade, which in itself would ramp players to purchasing more silver from the general store. It should not be too large, perhaps just GV sized as noted before, so that maintaining it on one of the other boxes isn't that hard. Perhaps, if need be, release it and another server running simultaneously on virtual machines in the same box and let the other server be a wasteland/arctic server set at the very northern pinnacle. But that's an idea for a later time. Either way +1.
  9. Should do statues depicting the Devs/GMs as well, imo, maybe make them renditions of the 'Ageless' that existed in Wurm's past. >.>
  10. So what I'd propose is a chain of new statues that players gifted in Masonry could erect. Perhaps statues depicting historical events or figures from the lore of Wurm itself. Such as the Collapse of Wilem Benth after he slain his fellow Ageless, complete with his Prophetic Illiad upon inspection. Statues of the Deities, White and Black Light both. And a Dragon Statue, thought not the same as the HotA statue, as I believe there was one that was draconic. Perhaps open up a competition with statues that players can submit either drawings or 3D Models/Renders of for the team to vote over, with some kind of prize sent to the winner's account?
  11. -1 NPC usage is great in a game where you're not based in community and player interaction. Hiring guards or having them spawn from guard towers is one thing, it's a defense mechanic, but if you're too lazy to tend to your own fields or do your own work, you don't deserve to have it delivered to you in Wurm. Try focusing out the main point of this game, COMMUNITY, expand your settlement, bring in a few players and have a system of who does what. If that doesn't work for you, go play any number of simulator games wherein you can play singleplayer and have NPCs do the work for you. While it would be a good source of revenue for the Code Club, it's impact on the servers would be phenomenally condemning. Prices for tradegoods would skyrocket to combat the fact that 1) The Market would become flooded with goods procured through these 'Serfs', 2) People would expect their newly altered prices to encompass the cost of their 'Serfs' [making it even more unlikely it would work out because of the fact that the market is now saturated with what would equate to junk, and you'd be paying 2-3 times your out of pocket expenses for this overall detrimental feature] and 3) The real necessity for any player interaction would become nil because now you could just have your 'serf' do everything for you. Point three returns back to the issue of the game's main mechanic, COMMUNITY. You'd be paying more than just premium, to have the ability to pretty much ignore everyone else and live as an even worse version of the 'Hermit' style players. [No offense Hermits, I know a lot of you out there who actually live alone but are really active in the community.] The cost would never be able to recoup itself, so you couldn't have players, like some of us are, who don't have the money to pay for premium constantly and thus do jobs for others to earn silver for re-upping. Which alone would drive off even more of the community behind the game. Overall - This idea is cataclysmic to the future of the game, should it ever be applied.
  12. Lived with them once upon a time as Coheed. On last check my Indi toon is still in residence there, although currently sitting outside of Luskan at the moment. Great town depending on what you're looking for in the game, if you're looking for simple village life and the ability to hunt some game I'd recommend it. If you're looking to carve your own place in the world, it's a start, but the space is finite and with it sitting in the valley of several mountains you'll be hard pressed to find your own place. Pingpong's Folly is always worth the visit, and is a registered Heritage site with the GM team, be sure to report any collapses to have them dealt with poste-haste.
  13. Pristine is fairly placed and has an even spread of deeds and wilderness in my opinion, but as with any server the area immediately around the spawn is pretty crowded. Just taking a shot around the bay to the west of Blossom/Market I saw a few open areas on the southern shoreline. Then I've heard that there's plenty of inland space if you're looking to build.
  14. I'd love to tag into this with you guys if you get it up and running. My village is over on Pristine if you want to come my way some time.