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  1. Once we have determined the result I will announce that on its own. Don't worry - I wont make everyone wait a whole week!
  2. No ETA on that one yet. We have a lot to think about in terms of how to make it more attractive and improved.
  3. Whoops I will try to find out what's wrong with the images.
  4. Friends, Wurmians! Lend me your ears! Last week Johan (RedBaron) gave us some very sad news. After a couple of years as our PR Officer, he had to leave Code Club. During his time here he gave us excellent news and did a great job, with plenty of wit and humour thrown in along the way. He will be sorely missed, but I am sure I speak for the whole community when I say a massive THANK YOU for everything, Johan! But the show must go on. Earlier this week, Rolf asked me to carry on Johan’s good work as Wurm’s PR Officer. This is a huge task, but one I am more than eager to embrace! For those that don’t know me, my name's Ross but many of your know me as Wossoo. I first joined Wurm in late 2005, and I have been on the Wurm team since 2008 as a Player Assistant all the way up to Game Master. I was also PR Officer here before Johan joined us. So, for some this might be a little deja vu! It is going to be hard to follow in Johan’s footsteps for many reasons. However it is now my quest to make sure you all get your news fix every week, and some other things along the way such as a monthly email newsletter. The format may change slightly, but only for the best. This week I am going to try to keep it as close to what we're all used to as I can. None of this will be possible without a strong PR team, so along with Retrograde and Atazoth, I plan to recruit several new PR Assistants. I will be releasing details about how to apply for that very soon, so watch this space! And with that, it’s time to... Carry on sharing news! Bridges The team is still very hard at work testing and debugging bridges. We want them to be as polished and bug-free as possible when they are released which is why they are taking a bit of extra time. Our new collision system, which bridges use, is a massive technical step forward for Wurm and will open up a huge range of new opportunities for development. It's going to be pretty revolutionary once it's done and everyone is very excited about it! Otherwise, progress is coming on very well. A new bridge type is in the works and I hope to show you some more detail about it soon. New wall options The coding for the new wall options we announced in Week 9 and last week is nearly finished and we expect to release them soon. We also have a couple of new screenshots of them - an oriel window set in a plain stone wall, a door with a canopy, and a wide window with a small roof above it. The new wall types will provide new and interesting options for the architects among us to make the perfect creation! We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Banners Everywhere Work is now under-way to implement the new tall banners into the game. Player-made Kingdom leaders are encouraged to submit their banner designs to us using the templates available here. In-Game Valrei Map We now have an in-game version of the Valrei moon map under development by the art team. I hope to be able to show you some screenshots soon! For those who don't play on the Epic cluster, Valrei is where the gods battle it out during scenarios. Players on Epic help their gods by completing certain missions and can even directly influence their gods movement. At the moment it is only possible to view the current position of the gods on the Valrei map in a web browser so an in-game map is much needed! Elevation Poll Recently we asked the people of the Epic cluster to provide feedback on how we can improve their experience. One option which was discussed included a potential reset of Epic's main PvP server - Elevation. We are currently running a poll in-game to find out what players who live on Elevation think about that option. If you'd like to vote on that poll you must be on the Elevation server. Please note the poll ends today and the results will be announced in due course. Challenge Accounts The accounts everyone used to play on Challenge should now be returned to the Golden Valley server where they may be accessed. I hope you have enjoyed my first Weekly News post! Until next time, Happy Wurming! EDIT: Thanks go to Samool for finding a fix to our slight image problem just now!
  5. I will be releasing the news shortly
  6. I had a battle on my GM toon with another GM at a tournament event. Long story short my GM toon died and some players decided to loot the corpse... That was not a high point for me. Got the stuff back though
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. I will expect an invitation to the slaughtering.
  8. Overall this thread has been an interesting read so far. However, It concerns me quite a bit that there is a lot of mixing of myth, rumour, truth and reality. All of our team members have guidelines to follow and a minimum expected level of behaviour which is higher than that of players for good reason; all of our team members are to varying degrees representatives of the whole team. Where there are cases that you feel mistreated by a team member, or you witness any activity by a team member which is a clear abuse of position or power, then you must report that to their supervisors. For CAs and CMs this is the Lead Chat Moderator, for FMs it is the Lead Forum Moderator, for GMs or the Lead Chat/Forum Moderators it is the Head GM. If you have a complaint about the Head GM then it should be sent to Rolf. We ask that you do not make public accusations against team members, substantiated or not, because they do not lead anywhere productive. We have a clear route for all complaints. In many cases public accusations are not substantiated or 'evidence' provided is not valid meaning the reputation of said staff member is unfairly diminished for no good reason. If you feel that you have followed our complaint/appeals route and feel your issue has been ignored, please let me know and I will see what I can do in terms of communicating the reasons why any decision was reached. But please note that you cannot report a team member just because you disagree with them, or don't like them for whatever reason, or heard a rumour that they might have done this or that. We can only act if you provide some evidence to support whatever complaint you have to make. At the end of the day all members of the Wurm team are human and we all make minor mistakes from time to time and this is tolerated in light of the voluntary nature of our team. However obvious abuse of power or position or serious incompetence is not tolerated and has consequences.
  9. I like the part about the red dragon and the thistle branch.
  10. Very sad news to hear not only that you are leaving, Johan, but the circumstances in which you are. I think you made a very positive advancement of PR during your stay here with us, and despite you being a little wet behind the ears with regards to our unique community when you first came, I think you learned to understand what makes a lot of us tick. Your news updates have been a hit and I applaud some of your other efforts to get a multimedia feel to Wurm news and PR. I must say at first I had reservations about you when you took over PR after me, but you proved me wrong very quickly. Now I just hope that the positive work done by yourself, but also all of our PRAs past and present, and our previous PRMs including myself, Stargrace and Gurubear is continued by whoever subsequently carries on in that very, very difficult role.
  11. You had Wossoo in drag, and Wossoo driving a Lamborghini Gallardo... now I give you... Wossoo driving a rally car!
  12. It's a shame there's not a category for "Most times killed by Horde of the Summoned after you accidentally get converted to that kingdom from trying to eat a meal on an allied deed but within a structure you don't have permissions for". But I think maybe that category might be a little bit too specific.
  13. The PRAs Atazoth and Retrograde did this week's news
  14. Johan is currently unwell so he's been absent but we are putting together a slightly different form of news post to go out soon.
  15. It's also free to play again.
  16. Sorry for the delay in getting an announcement out. We expect to release detailed information about this round within the next hour. Just clearing up one or two finer points with Rolf.
  17. Complaints about LFM go to Head GM.
  18. A long time ago bans used to be public name and shame deals, but there is always the chance for players to appeal bans if they have new evidence which can exonerate them. For example, I was once permanently banned for "hacking" even though this is something I never did. I just made a joke about it one time in my village chat. Very quickly the GM team decided that my ban was unwarranted and it was removed. However, this was during the time where bans were posted publicly. I don't think it did any lasting damage to my reputation but for a while it was pretty disappointing and damaging to have been named and shamed by the GM team even though I was completely innocent of hacking. I admit it is something silly to joke about, but hey it was village chat.
  19. Democratic Socialism ftw.
  20. I would be very surprised if one of the poorest 3 billion people in the world would ever have visited this forum. They're probably too busy trying to survive, or being worked nearly to death in sweat shops (for virtually no pay, and by the way your tshirt might have been made by them though). Browsing forums like this is a huge luxury.
  21. I used to have an amazing hell horse called Honeyprancer. It's not an outright hilarious name but I enjoyed it, being on a PvP server and all that.