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  1. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SHkx9A9488 Started with nothing, created a kingdom of my own which did well for a while... and then lost it. Much like Napoléon.
  2. As far as I know you are correct - they cannot be built over structures, but may connect on outside / edge tiles of structures.
  3. My mistake Belrindor, I thought you meant we should remove wood types entirely! But now I see you mean for items like boats. All I can really say about shaders is that it is something we have planned for the future, but please bear with us and remember that we're not some big financed game developing corporation with dozens of developers to hammer things through quickly. In part we rely on volunteers so it is good to see that people like Shiraek are interested in helping us, and they should contact our art team or Rolf if they want to help, but it is not always as easy as it sounds to accommodate. I should also add that you can't drive carts up stairs however you can drag them. You can also use bridges to get carts to upper floors in buildings.
  4. Several different wood types have unique uses, such as oak damaging slower, willow being best for bows, walnut being best for coal piles, cedar and maple being best for arrows, and so on. Obviously we wish there was no gap between the different wood types having a cosmetic difference but waiting for the new shader system would be a huge bottleneck to the Art Devs development plans.
  5. Bridges go live on Tuesday, 12th May! (which is next week) News thread here http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/123100-news-update-work-and-progress-week-19/
  6. Hey everyone! With another week comes more news. Once again, the devs have been hard at work on the finishing touches for our Spring Update. They're happy that the bridges are over 90ql, and we can now confirm a release date of what might be Wurm's most awaited feature ever. It has been a lot of planning and hard work to get bridges to where they now are - but we hope that the tradeoff will be a truly groundbreaking new feature that will open up a world of possibilities for you, the player! We will be releasing the Spring Update next week, on Tuesday 12th May. We don't have a specific time set, but will aim to release as soon as we can on the day. Bridges The first and main feature of the update will be bridges. The feature will be released in full, allowing for all kinds of creativity... ranging from bridges across water and valleys to bridges between buildings, in four flavours: rope, wood, stone and marble. In addition, much of the focus of the past few weeks has been on making bridges as reliable as possible. Hoardes of bugs have been addressed and fixed, including possible cart/mount access issues and enabling pillar spells to work correctly when cast on bridges. Exciting stuff, hey? We can't wait to see what amazing bridges the community makes! If you're curious about how they'll work, then there's already a wiki article on the feature, and Mamadarkness also made a handy materials calculator. Boats We are also releasing a couple of other features in the release, the first of which is the new boat models. The boats themselves will go unchanged, but all boat types will get updated models. As with a number of newer models introduced to the game, individual wood types will not be displayed by the new textures, since they would use up too many client resources. However, we have looked into the possibility of adding a masking system, that would allow for wood types to be displayed on the newer models. It's not currently scheduled for development, but is always an option in the future. Stairs The last part of the update will be stairs. Made possible by improvements to the game's collision system for bridges, the stairs can be walked up and down without the need to click them (as with ladders.) They'll make movement around houses more natural, and also make for yet another design option! Assistant Head GMs After a lengthy investigation, Ladywoe, Pomona and Timur were found guilty of conspiring to improve Wurm's moderation. Head GM Enki sentenced them to a promotion to the new rank of Assistant Head GM, to forever help with management of the moderation team. Congratulations! The AHGMs will primarily help to share the workload of Enki, and improve moderation team management and service. Map Dumps Lastly, we have our final three mapdumps to release this week, of the Epic home servers: Affliction, Desertion and Serenity. You can find the rest of the map dumps in our official map dump thread. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Hashirama, at the entrance to his deed on Deliverance. That concludes this week's news. Excited? Join us next Tuesday for the release of the biggest single feature since multi-storey housing! Until next time... Happy Wurming! PS: Many thanks to PRA Docterchese for writing this week's news while I had a very busy General Election week!
  7. This has my seal of approval. Some of the puns, however...
  8. Youtube certainly helped it to expand beyond its initial popularity. I have a vague feeling that initial burst in popularity came from a Reddit post.
  9. I think the absence of any mention of Wurm in this article is very interesting. From what I remember of those times, a significant period of his life, from 2003 to around 2007-8, he was here with us developing Wurm. Though, yes, it was not his day-job (in fact the main given reason was Wurm wasn't making enough money at the time to be either Notch or Rolf's day job). It seems with this in mind it is impossible to tell the story of Notch without mentioning Wurm, or his relationship with Rolf. From what I remember of the time Notch was with us, he was certainly the front man of the two Wurm founders. Notch was kind of the face of Wurm while Rolf, relatively quietly, did most of the server-side development. While this takes on completely new relevance now that he is a billionaire, I remember chatting to Notch in IRC while he was here, and he was an interesting character. He had a high opinion of himself, and he would frequently make references to being part of Mensa, and he was clearly very ambitious but easily frustrated. When he first advertised Minecraft (to members of the Wurm Community, it should be noted) I have to admit the success it was going to have was not really very obvious. As far as I could see it was just a copy of Infiniminer. For one reason or another though it did very well. I can agree that Notch probably didn't expect or plan the success Minecraft enjoyed, but I think it was something about his intense (online) personality which helped a lot. Some people may ask why Notch doesn't Wurm along now that he is so wealthy. If he spends $180k in a nightclub, then surely he could, if he had any sentimental feelings about Wurm, easily provide Wurm with the resources it needs to really flourish. Perhaps Rolf would reject this, but I can't speak for that. My own suspicion is Wurm went off in a creative direction unlike anything Notch wanted, and so he has abdicated any attachment or warm feeling towards it...
  10. Hey everyone! It's a very short news post today with no major feature announcements or previews. The team has once again been working hard all week on improving bridges up to at least 90ql... at times it is boring and potentially soul-destroying work for the developers. But we know by the end that all their hard work will be worth it and bridges will be super amazing! With that, here's the news in full! Bridges I know that many of you are excited and eager to find out what the release date for bridges will be. Originally we planned to release bridges in mid-April but now of course we are in the first day of May so it is clear there have been some delays on getting bridges out. However, I am happy to say that the release date for bridges will be announced on Friday 8th May, with the actual release being shortly after that date. We have an internal deadline set already so this is not an open-ended delay. I hope it doesn't seem weird that I am announcing the release date for our release date but I want to make sure everyone knows where we are. The main reason for the delay, as can be expected, is our aim to make sure bridges work as well as possible, with full functionality, when they are released. This week the developers, as they have for several weeks past, have been continuing to straighten out some rough edges in the bridge code. We are also trying to make sure that all existing features of the game work with bridges from day one. This includes pillar spells, carts, mounts, etc. As in last week's news, we encourage anyone interested in testing bridges to join the test server (click to launch). If you experience any bugs there please report them to us! Map Dumps This week we have created two more map dumps for everyone to enjoy. These are for Release and Pristine. Over the next week or two, we expect to release the final three map dumps for Affliction, Serenity and Desertion. You can see all of the map dumps we have released so far in the official map dump thread. Screenshot of the Week I thought this week we should trial a new idea for the top banner in our news posts. Our screenshot of the week this week is by Journeya on the forums, of a neat-looking house with some horses wearing seriously blingy barding. If you would like one of your screenshots to be used in our news banner in the future, please post them in this thread. I will choose screenshots from that thread. That's all for this week, until next time... Happy Wurming!
  11. As much as I would love to give a solid release date for bridges, the nature of testing and debugging them is often a little unpredictable which makes accuracy in our release date a little difficult. Bridges are a massive new innovation in Wurm, especially from a technical perspective. They work well so far as you can see on the test server, but there are still some cases where there are issues we just can't have in the live servers. We would much rather release bridges later than expected than stick to an arbitrary date and have players deal with bugs which might kill or temporarily glitch out their characters. As I say though we still think they are on track to be released very soon. All help testing on the test server is greatly appreciated
  12. Hey everyone! We are now very close to the release of bridges which should be in around a week from now. Most of the development team have been focussing on them and making sure that all models are in place and bugs are fixed. They are on the test server in full so if you could join us there and help with final testing that would be greatly appreciated! There are also a few more map dumps released today, and an exciting new GM treasure hunt! Here's the news in full! Bridge Progress Bridges are still on track for release either next week or the week after. Most of the bugs we know about are ironed out now. All of the bridge models (including during construction phases) are now implemented and ready for release so that's one step forward. If you would like to give bridges a try and help us identify any remaining bugs, we urge you to spend some time on the test server. If you notice any bugs send in a support ticket on the test server and the developers will be notified and work on a fix. We are especially interested in bugs related to travelling across bridges on carts, and entering houses from a bridge. Game Master's Treasure Hunt In light of the recent success of their treasure hunt on the Exodus server, the GMs are organising another on Release - including some twists! There will be two "branches" to the treasure hunt, each with separate prizes and clues, starting 12 hours apart from each other. There are 16 prizes on offer for each branch. Half of the prizes are chests - each containing a set of fancy items, including a supreme/rare tool... but the other half of the prizes are signs, that will give players a mysterious key when examined. 72 hours after the start of the second branch, a chest will spawn at the server's starter town, Sloping Sands. Inside will be a significantly larger prize than what was on offer in the other chests - but only ONE of the keys given out will work. So you can claim an easy prize (if you can find it,) or pick the riskier option with a chance for something much bigger! The first branch will start at 2:30pm GMT on Saturday 25th April (tomorrow,) and the second will start at 2:30am GMT on Sunday 26th. Each player can only enter one branch and win one prize from each branch, and so there will be a large number of prizes to claim and starting at different times too. I thought about not telling you anything else to pay homage to the spirit of the treasure hunt, but you can find more details in the official thread here. Large Maul The art developers are pleased to reveal the texture for the new large maul model revealed last week. Please note this is still a work in progress but it is pretty close to finished now. New Map Dumps Carrying on from last week, I am very pleased to announce two more map dumps. You can now view the Celebration and Exodus maps. We have also updated the Elevation dump to have the correct map. You can also view the old Elevation map too! The full list of map dumps can be found in the official map dump thread. Rolf's Birthday And last but not least, it was Rolf's birthday yesterday! Grattis på födelsedagen! (And don't forget you can make cakes in Wurm!) That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  13. Nintendojoe, while your post has a fair bit of melodrama, there are a few points worth addressing. It is true right now that non premium accounts contribute towards Tosiek's overall faith count for each kingdom but that was an unintentional oversight and will be fixed very soon. You may want the GM to rule against free to play alts or institute some form of "alt abuse" ruling but we had a similar thing in the past during the early days of the Wild (now Chaos) Server. It is a lot harder than you think to enforce this kind of rule and involves a lot of collateral damage along the way which causes a great deal of problems. It is also not true that feedback is ignored. We take all feedback for its merits. Just because not every single piece of feedback is followed to the letter, partly because that is impossible due to conflicting feedback, everything is taken into account. In cases where feedback makes a great deal of sense and a lot of players feel the same way, we are more than prepared to act on it. You just need to take the way we changed the new Elevation map in response to feedback as recent evidence of this. I resent the suggestion that the developers have to sit down and ask whether they want Wurm to reach its potential. Of course they do.
  14. I don't think that JKH map is top down, rather the mountains are just a lot smaller. Or maybe that is just some kind of illusion because of the angle *shrug*. Either way I will ask about it.
  15. That is the first screenshot I ever saw of Wurm, probably mid-2005. As others have said it's a wildcat hehe
  16. As a player when I joined 9.5 years ago, there was not much in the way of information although the Wurmpedia was pretty decent. The thing I learned most from though was from the villages I joined and the players within them, especially people like Goglepox who owned Green Town. He helped get me set up in my first days and gave me a bit of an idea about what to do in the game, then I joined villages like Iron Canyon and later Leersum where I became a part of that community and learned a lot from those players.
  17. Hey Everyone! This week has seen the first part of our Spring Update being released - the new Elevation server. It was a slightly bumpy ride at times but we listened to feedback and I think the end result is something the team can be proud of creating and you our players can enjoy for many years to come. We are still working hard on the next part of our Spring Update which will be bridges. Our bug busters are still slashing their way through the known issues in the bridge code and we think it is shaping up very nicely. We still expect them to be released in a week or two. Without further ado, here's the news in full! New Elevation Released The release of New Elevation went ahead very much as planned this week. After the shutdown of the old Elevation server on April 13th, the new map went live on April 15th. In response to player feedback we made some amendments to the map which seem to have been very popular. Overall we are very happy with the way the map and the huge amount of land there which is available for settlement. You can find a link to the final map here. If you are interested in trying out the new Elevation map, you should use an epic portal to visit the epic cluster and choose to spawn on Elevation. If you are on one of the Home servers (Desertion, Serenity or Affliction) you can get to Elevation by boat or by using portals in each home server's start deed. While many, including myself, may have fond memories of the old map for Elevation, may we look forward to creating many new ones on the new map! Bridges Most of the development team has been continuing its hard work in getting bridges as bug-free as they can possibly be. This has been a marathon project for them so far but I am sure they are all very glad that the light is now visible at the end of the tunnel. We expect and hope that bridges will be ready for release in one or two weeks from now. In the meantime, it is time to share a bit more information about them! Building bridges in Wurm takes careful planning and consideration. This calculator (Excel File Download) has been developed (by Mamadarkness and Tich) to help you plan what materials you will need to build any particular bridge. If you, like me, are a bit baffled at first by the calculator don't worry, the geniuses among us who do understand it will help to explain it nearer the time. Bridges are also incredibly versatile, capable of being built between terrain, between structures and from terrain to structures. They do not have to be flat, and neither do they have to be over water in the "traditional" sense, so they can even be used to make ramps as the screenshot below shows. They also have full models for while they are in partial construction. Overall as a feature I think we can all agree they are extremely impressive and I can't wait to see what everyone does with them! Massive hats off to the developers for all their work thus far! Map Dumps Released After a lot of work and thought, we can now release our first set of new map dumps. They are currently using a Google maps style interface so you can scroll around and zoom in on bits that interest you without downloading the entire file every time. We are looking into hosting torrents for those who want to download the files as an image to use offline or in community maps. Click the server name to view the map. Don't worry if your server is not on the list yet, we will be releasing more over the coming weeks. Chaos Deliverance (New) Elevation Turns out we uploaded the wrong one. Whoops! Independence and last but by no means least, Xanadu Thank you very much to Mamadarkness for working hard to get this made and to Max for generously hosting them! More New Weapon Models Continuing on with our theme of weapon model updates, I am happy to reveal the new large maul (WIP) and weapon racks! Bulk Storage Bin QL Calculation Clarification This is all on a per item basis, dragging 10 at a time still is handled one by one due to how the drag and drop is currently being handled. First of all we acquire how many items of the same type are currently inside the BSB. ( 3kg clay = 1.5 items) Then we figure out how many items are actually being added by dividing the weight of the item with the template items weight ( Weight / Template Weight ). After that we calculate how many percent of the new total the item that we are adding is going to be ( Number of items added / ( Number of items in BSB + Number of items added)) Then we calculate the difference in QL between what is inside the BSB and what is being added. We then multiply the difference with the percentage to get how much the QL is allowed to change. Then the last bit is pretty simple, if the QL will be reduced by adding the item the change will be increased by 10% ( CurrentQL - Change * 1.10),if it's an increase in QL then it's instead reduced by 10%. Thanks go to Erik (Dev) who explained this! That's all for this week! Happy Wurming!
  18. postes - changed kingdoms a lot, played league of legends most of the time but occasional wurm pvp consultant. Gave sage advice sometimes.
  19. I can reveal that for the last couple of weeks a crack squad of (non epic server) GMs have been flying around taking nice screenshots of Elevation so I hope to reveal these in due course as part of an Elevation memorial. Additionally there will be a final map dump for it, made today! Watch this space. Well, future news posts.
  20. Glad to hear everyone likes it! On a personal level I am trying to figure out where to build my retirement home.
  21. Free accounts wont be able to spawn at tents in the no spawn zone.