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  1. Geriatric Wurm

    I feel this is where I belong.
  2. Hate is a strong word... I don't play as much as I used to due to time constraints but over the past 13 years I haven't found anything hate-worthy about the game itself.
  3. Looking to sell or at least find out the price of a few Seryll lumps I have had for a while and are just weighing me down and rotting. I understand 'mend' could be used on them to keep them above 90ql despite the damage. I'm very mobile (homeless) so I can deliver to any coastal location on the PvE servers.
  4. Another issue with adding WO to Steam is the monthly subscription would have to be more expensive if OneTooFree is to maintain current revenues per player as Steam takes a cut. With regards to a marketing timeline, I don't think there is any necessity to have a published plan which customers can critique. I get why people want to know because a good PR / Marketing / Advertising strategy can lead to increased numbers of players which improves the enjoyment of the game for everyone. With a competent plan it will also generate a Return on Investment which would further improve development resources, so it's clear why customers want that information. I just don't think it is necessary and most companies will not release internal business strategy documents like that. Wurm in particular has always had an issue with PR and Marketing which has always stemmed from confidence in the game among the leadership. This is not to denigrate the game or current and former leaders, but all too often there was a fear of too much exposure of the game because it was "not ready" or "not until x feature is implemented". This always pushed back my own plans for Wurm PR / Marketing / Advertising while I was assisting in this area some years ago. If I would offer my 2 iron, and this is only intended as advice not as criticism, and you will agree I am making constructive suggestions here, I would urge a press strategy first and foremost. If Wurm has someone internally who has formal experience working with the press, get them to write press releases and to develop a relationship with journalists in the gaming world. Some of the very biggest spikes in Wurm population have been as a result of positive press coverage, which is free to achieve if you are sending out press releases. I can tell you this for a fact. I have a good very recent example. The cooking stuff is great and is certainly something Wurm needs to shout about. Yet it seems there was no attempt to gather press coverage except by a player - Milosanx - which led to it being covered in Massively Overpowered. The credit is at the bottom and information was gathered from the forums. Really they should have had a Press Release to work from, along with every other games website we could list. I think this is particularly important given some parts of Wurm are dead and intermittent coverage led by gaming magazines, such as when I was approached by RPS this month, allows those magazines to set the narrative, or at least not know that the one particular server I was on is an exception to the rule - Wurm is not dying. But those journalists can only know that if you tell them in the form of press releases. Marketing involves analysing a lot of data (which we do have) about audience and customer habits and it would be worth the team looking into but again it requires a little experience. Advertising follows on from Marketing, where you specifically target audiences with advertising campaigns based on your marketing research.
  5. That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. Thank you for your kindness.
  6. At that point in my Wurm adventure the game was 100% PvP so there is literally no other way it could have been expressed, because that is how it was.
  7. The way it was presented to me was that it would be focussed on my Wurm story, which itself is essentially at an end. So yes that part of things might be sad because of course I will be looking back to the 'good old days' of my past 11 years around here. I did try though to ensure he knew that Wurm as a whole is not necessarily as deserted as Serenity. It may not have came across very well since, as I say, his focus was my story not the game itself. I only hope the story highlights the very unique aspect of Wurm where you really can create a story and an adventure like that, and I hope more players do decide to have a bit more fun and to think a little bit bigger and do some crazy things like I did.
  8. I Miss Wurm :(

    I remember the name Raffeh in a positive way but I cant remember why
  9. I haven't posted in this thread for a while. Here's one from work (in UK Parliament). I'm on the right of course. British people might know the guy on the left.
  10. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rVJ1wT4GpA
  11. I was at the JK raid on Syphillys (on JK side). Was amazing to be there, but after Sye and PTO died... that was pretty much it. They tried to continue organising us over vent or TS, whichever we used at the time, but without being there on the ground, and no fast means to get back, it just kind of got worse and worse. Eventually I had to log off for the night (right outside the deed lol) and got killed by tower guards and a hyena when I logged on the next day...
  12. Armageddon (PvP)

    I would try it out
  13. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXqXc4PwrN8
  14. I hereby request as a private player, Someone to make a mod around the theme of the ASOIAF (better known as Game of Thrones) books, with a map like Westeros, and of course fitting kingdoms, titles, maybe weapons and cultures etc. I don't mind how long it takes. I am 110% sure it would be popular. Roleplay compulsory.
  15. The goons were hilarious. Back then Wurm had like 30-40 people online at peak, or maybe less. Then the Goons came and it was a massive influx compared to what we were used to. I tried to join to spy on them, creating a new account for it. They kept killing me, but eventually one of them asked me their "safety question", to confirm whether I was one of them. It was: 'does your house have stairs?' The funny thing is, I can't remember whether yes or no was the correct answer. It is funny to think that no Wurm houses had stairs for another 7 or 8 years after that safety question was asked though!
  16. Looking forward to future instalments, particularly around the time of Mol Rehan's implementation as a kingdom in 2008. I notice that you have made the suggestion that Libilian Outlawz was a big part in founding Mol Rehan. I lived in Libilian Outlawz for a few years, for a brief spell in 2006, and again from 2007 - 2008 when Mol-Rehan was implemented. Being around at that time, and speaking from direct, first hand experience, I have to say that Libilian Outlawz really didn't want to become Mol-Rehan. I was a part of Horde of the Summoned when Mol Rehan was announced, living in LO with close friends in Shadow Requiem, a village very near LO. I proposed to those friends that we leave to join the new Mol-Rehan kingdom and set up our own village (Camelot). Both Libilian Outlawz and Shadow Requiem were very unhappy about this decision, calling us traitors and everything else for leaving to join the new kingdom. Eventually, after LO became a part of Mol-Rehan (which I found quite ironic considering they labeled the first citizens of Mol-Rehan traitors) I moved my village back to the old Shadow Requiem site to be closer to PvP. LO still called us traitors for leaving to join Mol-Rehan and griefed us so much that we had to convert to Jenn-Kellon and join Kyara, Honestly the true pioneers of Mol-Rehan were Whosville and other villages which set up in the initial wave including Woodscove. Libilian Outlawz was either opportunistic conversion or forced conversion but either way they had no interest in pioneering the new kingdom per se. It is however undeniable that they were a big part of Mol-Rehan's strength once they (reluctantly) joined. For reference this part of my own personal history in Wurm (and history up until Epic was released) can be found here.
  17. RPG MO

    Played it for a bit but unfortunately got a little bored. The developers/mods are fun though, always spamming global 2x skillgains.
  18. I almost always get INTJ, sometimes but very rarely INTP on Myers-Briggs. This time I got (Assertive) INTJ. Yay for all the Architects/Masterminds!
  19. I am just kidding of course. Docterchese was an absolutely amazing Deputy PRO and I know she will do a very, very good job as PRO. I will help out where I can. You are right - I am not going anywhere just yet!