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  1. Wintersolstice passed away some time back.
  2. Makes rifts even more pointless than they already were.
  3. So on Harmony i guess we just miss out on the drop part of halloween. I rode for an hour yesterday and didnt encounter a single mob.
  4. -1 its such a small buff and they are pretty rare to get. So i dont see the issue.
  5. Without missions being on server, it is impossible to sacrifice an animal to complete journal requirements.
  6. I've been getting it on both Desertion and Elevation. Desertion is far worse though. i was getting bucked from my horse, riding into walls, gates and doors not opening etc.
  7. I've been encountering odd lag as well.
  8. how will this work on elevation? we dont even have an in game map
  9. I'm not sure what your asking for. the wiki is correct. you can only get a champ offspring if the female is a champ. However if both parents are champs it increases the chance the offspring is a champ.
  10. +1 They are pretty out of hand atm. On a recent trip to a homeserver i had 4 on me in just a matter of a few tiles.
  11. Actually the curve on taming on epic was removed. It only applies to the level you can tame them to. Champ crocs can be tamed far less than 90 taming. But its rare.