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  1. I've gotten same bug twice today. Once meditating and once while riding a horse.
  2. I'm all for expanding the CA channel to entire kingdom. On desertion we only have one staff member currently and it would be helpful. I'm not sure how well implementing it cross servers would work. However,I'm not opposed to that either. Epic does not have many staff playing anymore.
  3. -1 for this same reason.
  4. Desertion rift today got 0 drops as well. I'm wondering if the changes to missions, so rift loot will not appear in them, somehow caused a bug.
  5. This is the same type of thinking that got the new elevation map to "increase pvp". How's that working for you? Removing missions and/or uniques will not get players to move to elevation. Forcing your play style onto others, in hopes of increasing elevation population, will only cause you to find yourself playing alone.
  6. This vote means nothing. Only votes that should even be counted are people who would have accounts directly effected. And for the record i would would find a new game before i went back to Chaos.
  7. If your talking about moving epic players away from their deeds and everything else they have spent 4+ years building. Then I would think only elevation votes would be relevant.
  8. -1 I left the wild server when Epic opened. Because it was simply more fun for me. I have no desire to, and would not, return.
  9. Because the entire server obviously has all of those stats, moon metal items and tomes.
  10. You can only have one tame animal at a time. So you can untame him by simply taming another animal. Otherwise, animals become less tame as time passes and he will eventually untame himself.
  11. Yes carts too.
  12. -1 to being able to taunt merchants on home servers. Most of these are legit sellers.
  13. The bed in my house is on the 3rd floor. More often than not I'm on the ground floor when i log in. There doesn't seem to be anything that enables me to avoid it. Dismounting something recently has nothing to do with it. It happens either way.