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  1. I've been getting it on both Desertion and Elevation. Desertion is far worse though. i was getting bucked from my horse, riding into walls, gates and doors not opening etc.
  2. I've been encountering odd lag as well.
  3. how will this work on elevation? we dont even have an in game map
  4. I'm not sure what your asking for. the wiki is correct. you can only get a champ offspring if the female is a champ. However if both parents are champs it increases the chance the offspring is a champ.
  5. +1 They are pretty out of hand atm. On a recent trip to a homeserver i had 4 on me in just a matter of a few tiles.
  6. Actually the curve on taming on epic was removed. It only applies to the level you can tame them to. Champ crocs can be tamed far less than 90 taming. But its rare.
  7. Since the maps have been dumped, can we add the ingame map to elevation?
  8. Hey Capi.


    I know none of you guys are on elevation any longer. However, did you have a decent or useable map of the new ele?



  9. Although i don't plan on changing servers, I wish you luck on your dwarven adventures! [16:21:22] Your title is now Devout Dwarf.
  10. Should just revert the pvp changes back to pre July and open the borders. Everyone who wanted those changes has left epic.
  11. So on epic we will get things not worth even looking for. Like the rare treasure chests with cotton and leather in them.
  12. Troughs inside hitching posts are taking damage, while the post itself is not. This is happening both on and off deed and no way to repair them. All posts are inside mines. If that matters. [11:20:48] A post to hitch creatures. The hitching post has been firmly secured to the ground by Rage. It is locked with a lock of fantastic quality. Ql: 58.6255, Dam: 0.0. [11:21:03] A place to put food and water for an animal. It is made from chestnut. Ql: 58.6255, Dam: 1.7057424. I have several of them doing this. But, only appears to be happening with ones being used to feed horses.
  13. +1 It is time to reopen borders. I do not think a reset of elevation is needed though. A very small part of the server has even been touched. All a reset would do at this point is drive away the few of us still playing there.
  14. -1 I'm not a fan of being forced to have more chores.