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  1. 30 foals since update. 30 foals culled. Sure glad i have high AH....
  2. ive downloaded the new launcher from there several times. im still unable to launch when i use it i get the same error with the new launcher.
  3. I get "File or directory is corrupted or unreadable"
  4. There are 6 in D 15. All near Insomnia Cove deed Obelisk of Secrets Obelisk Barrow of Strength Shrine Dragons Backbone Foundation Pillar Ram of Lamentation Foundation Pillar Column of Enlightened Foundation Pillar Pillar of Enlightened Foundation Pillar
  5. +1 Since they did a transfer in 2017 it shouldnt be difficult to make this happen.
  6. Wintersolstice passed away some time back.
  7. Makes rifts even more pointless than they already were.
  8. So on Harmony i guess we just miss out on the drop part of halloween. I rode for an hour yesterday and didnt encounter a single mob.
  9. -1 its such a small buff and they are pretty rare to get. So i dont see the issue.
  10. Without missions being on server, it is impossible to sacrifice an animal to complete journal requirements.
  11. I've been getting it on both Desertion and Elevation. Desertion is far worse though. i was getting bucked from my horse, riding into walls, gates and doors not opening etc.