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  1. Account is sold, thanks all
  2. Thanks people! These responses are great. Anyone else feel free to add another opinion
  3. Soliciting opinions on the value of an account, my faithful alt Carnick. You can see his skill dump here. Things you can't see on the skill dump but may affect the value of the account: - Is a Rock (Level 7) on the Path of Love, so he has Refresh and can Enchant grass / trees. - Former Nahjo priest with an unused transfer - become any priest you want with instant 70 faith. - Mayor of a small deed with almost 5 months of upkeep remaining (5.1s) - can keep it or disband for silver.
  4. Accepting payment via Verified Paypal only. First come first served, so... please do not PM, reply here so everyone can see. Thanks.
  5. Sent from 80QL Courier mailbox, you should have it very soon!
  6. Thanks everyone and congrats Magaric. I know I didn't mention anti-sniper time, my bad, but seems we don't have a problem since over an hour has elapsed since your winning bid which came in about a minute before the close of the auction. That is based on comparing the auction timer with the timestamp of the last bid. So Magaric I just need the player name to whom should COD it.
  7. Putting up my supreme pickaxe for sale, as described in title, no enchants or imbues. Starting bid = 10s Minimum bid increment = 1s No buyout No reserve Happy bidding!
  8. Hi Milosanx, I was interested to hear the comments on the mountaintop I inhabit (around 14 mins into the map dump vid). What went on there is yes, I removed a lot of dirt and piled it up on my deed. It's a huge construction project that's been going on for years due to my sporadic play and the fact I've been at it totally solo - no villagers or hirees. Anyway if anyone's interested in taking a gander you can search out a tunnel entrance on the east side of the bottom of the mountain. Somewhere around 50x 32y on the Albia Roads map. I haven't been down in a long time so no doubt there's mobs in it. The tunnel is long but it's completely reinforced and you can't get lost because it's a single path. If you do visit make sure you check out the little secondary deed to the west, it has a rock spire that is probably the highest single-tile player made slope in vanilla Wurm, currently standing at 2,175 and growing.
  9. +1 I remember Mr. B (Bloodworth?) who used to be a graphics person working on Wurm. He had shown a preview of colour masking which would allow objects to be dyed with different colours on different parts of the objects. Resurrect his work pl0x, kthxbai
  10. Drentle you are the first reply so I will send to you now. Thanks and enjoy
  11. 80QL seryll lump 1.0kg, no damage = 1.5s 90QL seryll lump 1.0kg, no damage = 2s Please reply to buy, thanks.
  12. Yesterday I bashed apart my Mag altar, because I couldn't remember why I put one there. Today I remembered when my Erupt power failed to work because I'm not in a Mag domain... d'oh. I have no Mag follower to fix things. So I would like to hire a Mag follower or priest to put the last piece on a wood altar. I'm between Crystal Lake and the Grand Steppe (H21 ingame map / community map coords in my sig). Please let me know if you can travel to help me. Willing to pay 1 silver for the service.
  13. OK, I guess some programs do pick up on the change, like VLC. But I've have other games e.g. Age of Wonders III that won't switch also. *Shrug* I can live with it.