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  1. [22:40:00] You create a concrete. bump 5s 80c - pickup from you
  2. Nice set - someone grab this up
  3. 1s to 1 euro . please PM me here :-)
  4. Mmmmmmm bacon I didn't help as much but I approve!
  5. Hello all - I'm doing Strongwall casts... It will be 20c per tile if I make the favor or 15c per tile if you make the favor on Celebration travel is free - other servers will cost. Please leave a message here or PM me thanks for reading! Currently only doing celebration
  6. I'd like to buying/trade a garden gnome with my signature, "Mishia" please let me know if you have this as if really like to get it back - thanks for reading - Mishia
  7. 1s / 1e , pm mishia in game please
  8. CoD to Mishia please =)
  9. Who wants something nice - you know you want to - buy something! Go on... QUICK before its all gone!