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  1. A 90QL Plateset being made by Odynn A rare maul [enchanted, or not] A rare large sheild [again, enchanted or not] Close please
  2. Sickle-3 - 80ql, Nim 65, LT 54, COC 60, MS 69 - 5s Sickle-4 - 80ql, Nim 71, LT 51, COC 74, MS 72 - 6s 10s for these?
  3. Make mobs stay off mountian...uniques out of caves (to stop trapping)...boats going through a cave...wagons/carts desync...random falling through cave floors..getiing HUNTED on a freedom server serves no purpose...it goes on and on and on. Maybe Rolf and co. could do a lets play of Wurm
  4. Whats the current get info on the trader?
  5. [17:20:57] <Mishia> i'll give you 2s for the knarr [17:21:04] <Mishia> don't want to risk being scammed, sorry. [17:22:25] <Bruhamoff> i'll send you a link of a picture of a knarr for 2s [17:22:54] <Bruhamoff> why would i risk being banned again, tell me that
  6. Would like this - but I have reached max today EDIT: 400th post \o/
  7. Wrong. Logging started 2013-12-08 [19:34:40] 101 other players are online. You are on Celebration (1313 totally in Wurm). Logging started 2013-12-29 [21:04:00] 109 other players are online. You are on Celebration (1315 totally in Wurm). Logging started 2013-12-29 [21:04:45] 106 other players are online. You are on Celebration (1308 totally in Wurm).
  8. I keep asking myself how we can get the smaller servers (and not just Xanadu) more populated... Is is that Wurm Online needs more advertising? In my opinion, yes - there has not been a lot of advertising recently that I know of, which means that the player count is staying mostly the same. Compared to a year and a half ago, when Celebration was hitting a max of around 100 players daily - the player count has dropped dramatically, I know Xanadu has been added and all... but everyone that goes there seems to leave and never come back; it's like a black hole. As well as this, other games alike Wurm are being made - is this where players are going to also? Do you agree with me? Please let me know below! :-)
  9. I agree - most incidents are like this.
  10. No - you can buy more IP's on request..
  11. It could happen and yes it is a very small chance of it occurring.
  12. I disagree, I know multiple people that have received an IP ban first time. As well as this, what if their IP changes (like an anti-ddos script may do) and it is a suspected proxy method - how can the player prove this him/herself? A very good example of this is using a dedicated server - you can issue IPs on request.
  13. Another example: A previously banned player calls up his ISP to change his IP. An innocent other player also does this - and by coincidence this player gets the banned players IP. He then tries to connect to Wurm and it says he is banned.
  14. yet - in some cases I know, the player has not been given evidence.
  15. I'd first like to say - if this gets out of hand, please lock the topic. I asked before hand if this is okay to discuss. In my opinion, bans are handled badly (as players can be banned with no case against them) and the appeal process is a very lengthy process in which you usually get a response every few days like: we are working on this or this is under review. I feel that if a player has been banned and no evidence has been given from the staff member who has banned the player, the player should be un-banned until the staff member has sufficient evidence to rightfully ban. Again, most bans are one-sided and other members of staff are certain this is true. With this said, please discuss.
  16. 82 coc butchering knife, cod to Mishia please
  17. yes - this - or move to another server; e.g. Inde, Deli, Exo or Cele.
  18. Could we get the ability to show / hide trees and different guard tower types, if possible? =)
  19. Want to move from Xanadu because of the lag o' zilla? PM me # :-)
  20. Simple answer - move to a smaller server? Give up on Xanadu...