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  1. I got 2 gnomes in a chest, 1 has gone up, the other is still at 1QL. The one that went up QL was full of water (which it has appeared, the gnome drank).
  2. Since the drake spirit incident that spawned 3+ inside our deed, our village has become insanely quiet. I've not seen any of our frequent players online other than Pinejon, my husband's lost faith in the game (esp since it's his deed and it seems like a massive kick in the balls after building so many tall stone walls) so he hasn't been online since. I don't mind them spawning occasionally like rare mobs do, but the sheer amount was stupidly overpowering and the fact the spirits in our area all seemed to be inside our deed. Keep epic to epic servers. I paid to play freedom. If I wanted to play epic, I'd go to epic. >_< Edit: was 5 drake spirits in our deed, 2 fierce. Which took 5 high level fighters to remove.
  3. Got one of these inside our gate. -.-
  4. Dragging in some helpers from Turani.
  5. This~ I think it's a funny little gift, I like it. n.n
  6. Server Drop

    Oh, that would be nice. *crosses fingers*
  7. Server Drop

    Because were SpEsHaL~ Serious note, hope for not too much of a rollback. Digging all night e.e
  8. This deed/accounts already changed hands and this thread should be closed as a result. =/
  9. Aww, why Fariun whyyy~ Found your gems too. ;-;
  10. What's New In Exodus?

    Me and Aeg are from indy, returning to wurm after a year, thought it was better to start a new, esp with brotunheimr next door to our old place, still. D:
  11. WTB Sailboat (Cedar -with anchor) 2s, to be delivered near Athame.
  12. Would be cool if they could also be used to say, replace rafts in carts giving the cart a new look when loaded with crates.
  13. Looking to buy some willow and oak tree sprouts to be delivered (will pay a delivery fee within reason), please contact me in game, I'm online alot from 12:00 to 05:00 (GMT)
  14. Sat, went for a walk around Grand Steppe, 3 deer, 2 pigs, 7 wolves, 3 spiders, 2 scorpions, 3 horses, 2 unicorns, lava fiend. Sun, went for a walk around Grand Steppe, found a calf near some steppe. Mon, took a sail around Valley of the cursed souls, found a pack of around 10 wolves, 1 lion that was venerable and a slow mature troll. Tues, took a sail around Valley of the cursed souls, found another pack of wolves - 8, scorpions clinging to the cliffs, 2 cave bugs in the mines there. Wed, went for a horseride around Fort Arcadia, found yet another pack of wolves - 6, a deer and a lava spider lurking in the treeline. Thurs, went for a horseride around El'rancho, found 4 pigs, 1 female, 4 male, 2 deers and a scorpion. Friday, went for a horseride around Valley of the gods, found 2 deer, 3 wolves, and an aged scorpion. Went to the Grand Steppe, saw a raging unicorn, a horse, a venerable crocodile. Sat, Venerable scorpion near Death Valley, sailed around to Freedom market, numerous spiders, trolls, lions clung to the sides of mountains. Found a hen. Sun, Champion Troll across the shoreline at juju, not been for a wander yet. This is my experience over the last week or so, so I'm not personally seeing a problem with spawns and this is an average week for me. Edit: Oh yeh, saw some brown bears somewhere near samling the other day too, 2 trolls, some lions, a black bear, etc etc etc.