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  1. Random, notoriously dirty bump that actually decreased my selling price. (wtf)
  2. yay, Wurmpedia is getting improvements, and here I am... making no improvements...
  3. Its not like you have stats to write home about anyways... but yeah... If I could find a dragon where I am, i'd play tag with it all day.
  4. It isnt grief if it your enemies, it advantages they use. But yeah, I would like this removed, and that fix put in place... would open up some freedom.
  5. Literally no other meditation path helps you as much as Shield of the Gone... and if you have semi-half way decent gear, you're pretty much impossible to kill in some situations. Its easier to get 11 PoI then 11 PoH because of how shite the game is for tiles, and all the other 11 effects have no promising pvp effect. Lower it to 25%, or make it a 1 hour long buff... or as that fancy dodge mechanic that was said. There is literally no reason to have a slightly nerfed champion buff, and not have the same downtimes as a Champion does. Took the time to get 70 Meditation: Got SoTG, never die unless you are hard targeted, live everything, no debuffs, for 50% Champion: 50 faith (not hard, just tedious), have to balance champion points, lives, and a time period for 60% (Not to mention they cant actually cast spells onto weaponry and stuff without a penalty. This coming from someone with sotg.
  6. Eh, more like repeated offender and griefing... Warrants a ban as far as it goes I guess, I don't know, I'm not a cop.
  7. As someone with considerable time shield grinding, using a low ql shield is vital to gaining at all, similar to CoC low QL tools for skill gain, it works just as much for shields. So Lower = Better CoC = Better
  8. Non-Transferable Sleep Powders is the only way Compensation will stay far, if anyone complains about it then they should just get banned for their idiocy at that point. someone thats in favor the bonus how it is now, I still +1 the NT SP idea.
  9. Unusual, then, the addition of this is not in favor in the suggestions anyways, and frankly, i'm glad it isn't...-- and yeah, no more free alt sh$% because they are free alts. Just do it every other hour or so w/e the sermon time is...
  10. This is code similar to Epic, so it won't be cleared, not really a bug I guess.
  11. If you want to be a special snowflake, let me turn up the heat for you. "disagree just for the sake of disagrement" Some of us don't want to say the same thing 50 times in a row. "admit that it is a recurring issue that is ignored," your opinion, not ours, have fun. " I came to make a suggestion, and one that has no negative effect to the player base as far as I can tell." Apparently it does if people are -1'ing it. "Sleep bonus has been awarded on the other servers due to the extensive downtime during release Sleep bonus was not received. Working? I guess I should start an arguement about definitions" He even said Sleep BONUS, where does it say Sleep powder, you know your limitations, yet you argue about them when you have played with them for for a little over half a year. You got sleep bonus, you had a limit, so it was not shown (you were already full), you know the game mechanics. It is a gift, You are a paying for something called PREMIUM Time and COINAGE (not sleep bonus mind you.) in this game. You are not entitled to anything, especially since the game and everything with in it is CC intellectual property. It says nothing about 'Certified sleep bonus' And sure. 'I pay, so he must listen.' Yep, you do pay, you pay for Premium time, not your voice to be heard, the developers can take this whatever way they wish. They havent done anything about it the past 50 times this thread has popped up, what makes you think it'll change this time. (The tumblr answer is: well you gotta try.) Have fun.
  12. I remember this becoming a major problem when Multi-story buildings were introduced...
  13. There should be a lapsing period, 3 days at the most where it doesnt go against you, otherwise it feels pretty silly, maybe two different rewards (Total prem gets yellowpots and random stuff) and Consecutive get maybe a single sleep powder + another yellow pot, or something of random use. Etc. Titles.
  14. Pretty sure you can stand in perimeter, and pull the templar off, and just have a lockpicking alt with stupid amounts of climbing just do the draining, or... or... He means outside the deed token pulling the templar after they dun raided the place.
  15. Not 70 FS, but 20 FS, reasons in quote
  16. Wossoo basically just slammed the nail into the coffin with this one Seppuku style, there is no point to go on about this, unless you're just trying to fight your way into getting your own personal pocket GM.
  17. Don't pride yourself on being the first PMK, reason why I jumped ship in the first place. If they made it before you, they were first, they executed the idea faster then you did, and thus are first; there is no. "We are first because we thought about it first." Especially here where it doesn't matter. You could have champed up as HotS, and your champs would have followed up in the creation of Ebonaura, but clearly, that never happened.
  18. The wrong combat build to be fighting a troll, I can easily wipe the floor with Champions in my lowest plate armor... (Plate armor is alot better then some people think.)
  19. I reached 12 months on November 13th and I never had a odd bug of time like everyone else... But I paid every month in silver instead of buying it from the shop. -- I've also been active for at least one whole week of that month, and during that time, my time would spring onto the next month in /playtime It's unusual yes, wish they'd fix it.
  20. Catacombs?

    I still really like that image, should be recycled with a twist or something for the Challenge server, would make for a fun gamemode
  21. Tummy aches...