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  1. +1 Make BL vs. WL great again!
  2. Crashes on Chaos

    Ran Wurm Online with no crashes for ~2 hours on the modern renderer. Now suffering from spontaneous drops in FPS, from 144 down to ~30 FPS, no crashes.
  3. Crashes on Chaos

    I went from off deed Landcliff not crashing then went on deed through a complex mine system designed by Kabill and crashed about 3/4's of the way up the mine whilst riding and the character Widnes also riding in front of me. Edit: Switching to the old renderer seems to have stopped the crashes for now.
  4. Crashes on Chaos

    As the title states after an update several Chaos members are now crashing consistently. Crash dump supplied
  5. Remove /who from PvP servers

    +1 remove local while you're at it please.
  6. Improve the Battle Rank System!

    +1 Don't remove my warmaid title pls
  7. WTS Ciray 2 bill isk

    I'll mine you 1.1312349876th of a gigantic belt for your love
  8. please close

  9. Horde of the Summoned - Chaos

    We are looking for people from all time zones and all levels of experience. Keen? Drop one of us a PM. P.S Bump.

    Aggresive dual axes
  11. Dear Eir

    Might be back soon! Maybe depending on my time management!
  12. Dear Eir

    I had seen this and instantly thought of you. <3 Hope your still around to see how famous you are! Uploaded with 3dit: Fail imageshack. fail. Uploaded with