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  1. In the event of a new server, I think it would be a great idea for the devs to have some feedback ahead of time from the playerbase. Scenario: Imagine the wurm devs approaching you. They say "We are making a new server and would like your input on the particulars of that server." rates/curve/pve/pvp/cluster/map design/any special rules?/etc it's all up to you. What would you choose for the new server? My Ideal server: PvE new map on separate cluster accessible by portal only(or new player) skills transfer between servers with no penalty Items do not transfer 1x rates no curve 4k map(same size as independence) map design would be a circular layout with a large inner sea that is not accessible by the outer sea
  2. Idea: The wurm begins to consume older/lower populated servers Servers in danger could receive periodic ominous messages similar to the messages you see when you sail close to the edge of a server. These messages could become more frequent/ominous as the wurm narrows its sight on a particular server and that final server begins to receive the most ominous messages until it is consumed by the wurm.
  3. I'm trying to grind prospecting but the audio trigger for when action queue is finished does not trigger. Is this normal or do I have a setting messed up? edit: apparently prospecting the ceiling triggers the alert though.
  4. anything that keeps nerds from monopolizing content on pve servers is positive change
  5. For ease of use, I feel like dividing the village recruitment section of the forum by cluster would make it easier to narrow down relevant recruitment posts especially for new and returning players. My experience: Haven't played in years, decided to check out recruitment posts. Maybe I can find a village to join to help me get back on my feet. I know there's a new cluster and new servers but I don't really know their names yet. I head over to the forum and some threads have server names tags, some dont. I know there's a new cluster and new servers but I don't really know their names yet. A few threads say NFI which i learn is the designation for the new cluster(North Freedom Isles), most threads do not indicate NFI/SFI.
  6. pine resin + feathers Feathers are already in the game, just add pine resin and give the creation a name. or look up pine cone fire starter and go from there for an idea.
  7. Yes, that's right. The bunny statue. Make it so. picard.jpg hint: If you need a reason Easter is coming up. That is all.
  8. Maybe when tracking rarely something could be found (a bloodstained cloth, a battered shield, the hilt of a shattered sword, etc). By activating these items and tracking with them a player would be led on a trail to an eventual location where the player would be 'ambushed' by a group of creatures(could vary depending on what was used to search) The object used in the search could determine the difficulty of the encounter as well as the QL of the object and the rarity. aka a very high ql supreme shattered sword could be multiple champion trolls with several normal trolls and a low quality bloodstained cloth may be a handful of cavebugs or goblins. Additionally, maybe like how forage/botanize was given multiple subcategories to search for, as your tracking skill gets higher, you could track for different things that could cause something to spawn. .
  9. path of love too please. Make enchanted grass scale with level.
  10. Just allow highest skills from either cluster to transfer over, back and forth ))<>(( This way everyone who grinded skills at great risk on a pvp server will be rewarded with a decent freedom account just like freedomers that grinded their skills in complete safety will also be rewarded with pvp account. risk vs reward is where good balance is made. pvp+increased skill gain vs pve is balanced
  11. this is ######, I don't care if the kgb or the cia or mossad find out my password is wurm123. I want to be able to have a password I can remember.
  12. Suggestion: make shield bash a toggle so I can forget about it and a year from now I'll have 20 shield bashing.