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  1. Other options to get kindling as priest

    pine resin + feathers Feathers are already in the game, just add pine resin and give the creation a name. or look up pine cone fire starter and go from there for an idea.
  2. see topic my pile of empty fsb's is an eyesore
  3. Yes, that's right. The bunny statue. Make it so. picard.jpg hint: If you need a reason Easter is coming up. That is all.
  4. Maybe when tracking rarely something could be found (a bloodstained cloth, a battered shield, the hilt of a shattered sword, etc). By activating these items and tracking with them a player would be led on a trail to an eventual location where the player would be 'ambushed' by a group of creatures(could vary depending on what was used to search) The object used in the search could determine the difficulty of the encounter as well as the QL of the object and the rarity. aka a very high ql supreme shattered sword could be multiple champion trolls with several normal trolls and a low quality bloodstained cloth may be a handful of cavebugs or goblins. Additionally, maybe like how forage/botanize was given multiple subcategories to search for, as your tracking skill gets higher, you could track for different things that could cause something to spawn. .
  5. path of love too please. Make enchanted grass scale with level.
  6. Just allow highest skills from either cluster to transfer over, back and forth ))<>(( This way everyone who grinded skills at great risk on a pvp server will be rewarded with a decent freedom account just like freedomers that grinded their skills in complete safety will also be rewarded with pvp account. risk vs reward is where good balance is made. pvp+increased skill gain vs pve is balanced
  7. Forum downtime and security update

    this is ######, I don't care if the kgb or the cia or mossad find out my password is wurm123. I want to be able to have a password I can remember.
  8. Shield Bashing

    Suggestion: make shield bash a toggle so I can forget about it and a year from now I'll have 20 shield bashing.
  9. remove rarities from tree and logs

    [17:22:04] You start to cut down the Oleander bush. [17:22:08] You have a moment of inspiration... [17:22:08] You cut down the Oleander bush.
  10. Who says enchanted grass needs sunlight?
  11. WTS: Mortar

  12. Chaos - Boat sail show kingdom banner.

    Maybe they can work like wagons and get the texture of the kingdom of the original creator.
  13. What is the most beautiful tree in Wurm?

    Since I said I wanted a screenshot, here's my contribution. You can't beat the comfyness of an oak forest.
  14. What is the most beautiful tree in Wurm?

    This thread needs more screenshots. Post a beautiful scene involving your preferred tree.
  15. Stone parapet fence

    Perhaps it may not look good along flat ground, but I believe it would look nice along the top of a high slope. My deed flat but raised up about 180 slope along the front edge, the Idea was to have a stone fence that would not obstruct the view. Slabbed dirt walls topped with stone parapets would have been my ideal choice but it is not an option.