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  1. So how I see it now it is some router memory overload for wurm connection only? (other stuff was all fine just wurm got hit with bad networking). Someone can explain it to me?
  2. Router reboot solved it for now.
  3. Hello, Today casting on Vynora priest I've noticed (again) that sacrifice action does work on weird manner when put in action queee. Before the bulk moving update its been like when you had 4 actions on priest you could do stack of actions in quee like: WOA SAC WOA SAC And it worked like that so you got: WOA CAST, SACRIFICE, WOA CAST, SACRIFICE Now its a bit harder to quee the casting actions because sacrifice got sort of priority that it puts other spells on hold (like dispell used to). So instead of getting WOA SAC WOA SAC you get something like WOA SAC (now WOA gets an on hold status and you keep doing SAC even if you got full favor) so when SAC ends and you waste some ssacables the WOA kicks in instantly and theres another WOA and SAC in quee. So if you are not a 100 favor priest who can store 100 favor after 1st unwanted SAC the second WOA won't happen due to lack of favor and you will SAC again. It is possibe to stack another SAC action only when there is one going, like a SAC won't put another SAC action on hold. But it sucks as it is now and dispel does not have priority like it used to but sacrifice got this weird priority. It is very same to bulk moving actions, you can move items from few different containers to one stacking few moving actions but from one container you can move things in quee only to one container (unless.... you stack it when there is another moving action in progress to different conteiner than one you take items from, then you can do it properly). Its weird mechanics, it is very unlikely it should work that way (have those logical limits). BR
  4. NVM It's lagging again like crazy
  5. After computer reboot there is nothing better. But, switching to phone network using tethering or my neigbours wifi do help (but not sure if it helps because it is ok for now also on normal connection). Any idea where else to look next time it happens like that?
  6. Hello, I'm mostly active during weekends but im online for most of the day then in Wurm. The problem I face is that after playing for this several hours Wurm tends to start lagging horribly and then crash (reconnect for few seconds) and then crash again. Ocasionally I'm not able to run client again getting this error: Connection timed out: connect at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at$ Source) at$ Source) at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at$200(Unknown Source) at$ Source) at$ Source) at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.checkUpdateAvailable(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.isUpdateAvailable(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.getResource(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.getResource(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.updateFinalLaunchDesc(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.prepareToLaunch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.launch(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.launchApp(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main.access$000(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.Main$ Source) at Source) But waiting few seconds I'm able to log in back again (and crashing again). Weird thing is that using my old computer and connection from my phone there is all OK. Also, my other connections from my new computer are also ok, with average ping of 19ms, no packed loss. Even now after having game disabled for few minutes when i log back in its lagging badly. <rebooting whole machine now to see if it helps>
  7. Thanks, very nice of you! Could you also add few more random islands outside main land as part of some event?
  8. Agreed, bad idea it was!
  9. 10s in each chest would be better idea no?
  10. wts

    General topic update: Added improving service, rebates for bulk bricks and updated WTT section with other materials as well as updated list of rares for sale.
  11. wts

    Topic updated, added some rare list with prices
  12. All items sent to new happy owners. Good luck with enchanting and little decay for the future. Best regards Led
  13. Will do in few hours @ work now
  14. Thanks Good luck with enchanting!