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  1. Switched my Shares

    Good luck there Rolf may the force be with you.
  2. Forums Postmortem

    Good luck with moving Wurm :D
  3. Thanks for the warning, never too many of those!
  4. I would like to be able to use shift button for a 50% speed boost sprint on foot for 100% stamina increase cost. It would be a game changer for me
  5. FranktheTank Your words convinced me to simply NOT organize this event, I have put some work in there already recording video but it feels like wasted to such toxic people like yourself. You have some interesting point of view of my person, but guess what, I will play Wurm Online as I please as long it's within it's rules and make good service to other players. Thanks to you and ones like you Wurm Online keeps loosing it's playerbase. Also thanks for reminding me why I don't use forums on daily basis. I also wanted to record tutorials for new players but I rather not advice anyone to this game anymore seeing your response. Bye.
  6. Can't wait to see your event FranktheTank Mr. Toxic!
  7. Other one never played Xyson, @Shmeric thanks for heads up! Going to kick someone tomorrow!
  8. Such weird answer so event announcement. I don't buy items and resell them, where from you got this idea anyways? And calling me a grifter? thats low...