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  1. wts

    General topic update: Added improving service, rebates for bulk bricks and updated WTT section with other materials as well as updated list of rares for sale.
  2. wts

    Topic updated, added some rare list with prices
  3. All items sent to new happy owners. Good luck with enchanting and little decay for the future. Best regards Led
  4. Will do in few hours @ work now
  5. Thanks Good luck with enchanting!
  6. Items # 1,3 and 4, cod sent to new happy owners. Items # 2, 5 are due to snipe protection wear down
  7. As requested, added sniper protection = 4h. Happy bidding!
  8. Aye, one is 85 ql, second is 86ql.
  9. Auction ends: 1. Supreme two handed sword, 15s, Ziem WON 2. Supreme small axe, current bid = 13s, Jaz WON 3. Supreme maul (1), 18s, Wurmhole WON 4. Supreme maul (2), 18s, Wurmhole WON 5. Supreme longsword, current bid = 16s, Gavias WON Minimal increment = 1s Buyout = 25s Sniper = 4h Accepting private bids via forum PMs. Items don't have enchants on, quality of items is 85 or higher. Please bid separately for each item from list giving its number from list and bid value. After auction end item will be sent with cod to auction winners. Happy bidding.
  10. Gathering prices and offers now, need few in total. BR EDIT: Got Enough, thanks.
  11. Once I launch a second window with low res client the first one crashes, almost instantly, wondering if its intentional
  12. wts

    Topic updated! Enjoy