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  1. any chance you can PM me a discord link
  2. Looking Forward To Seeing Some Pics
  3. I Suggest instead of posting what has been sold just put lines through the items that are sold so it would make it easier for ppl to make a list
  4. My Deed is a little off from where it is the black circle is where the marker should be
  5. As a 7 year Vet of WO i highly disagree with this post big -1 from me
  6. Looking to buy a HIGH QL Compass with no Enchants
  7. Need 2500 planks, 400 large nails, 100 ribbons and Iron fence bars = 67 Wood shingles = 160 Shafts = 40 Clay = 800 Planks = 340 Mortar = 800 Wooden beams = 200 Stone bricks = 1470 Small nails = 92 Mixed grass = 400 Large nails = 4
  8. You willing to put the 16 BSBs of Rockshards on hold till i find a place to setup home
  9. Will deliver to any starter deed
  10. Wurm Online died because they made Wurm Unlimited
  11. Just heard there was a lot of bugs with it
  12. Have they fixed the bugs with it
  13. Order did not go through so still up for sell and price increase as things have been added that is all of it there