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  1. Sold

    Just deam.... fine account ho ever buy this account can be earn those 800 eu pritty quick back and have no worrie of there buy. wish you good luck sir may the offers be more than you hope. *writes santa for my x-mas gift*
  2. Bought Meat and Veggeis thx for the response
  3. 1x Exquisite meditation rug (60 QL - 80 QL) 60+ CoC Prefered Contact me trough pm or irc or in-game price and more info Im in Exodus Global Nick: Nonsoul
  4. 80+ QL x 2 Long swords to Nonsoul
  5. Butcher Knife 24ql - CoC 81 - 2.5s COD NONSOUL
  6. Is Vynora Have free transfere of god
  7. updated the start bid price
  8. There no need to be hostile about this post getting rid of my alt account but want something in return for it to
  9. Buying a Gold Coin For 55 Eu i will cover the paypal cost to (+2.65eu paypal tax) PM for Offer On Forum