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  1. WOW, i'm so happy I became a Leatherworker, LW is such Great Demand in Epic WOW, there's not enough Servers in Wurm, we're like sardines in here
  2. the numbers are dismal(mainly looking at you epic). why they haven't consolidated servers is beyond guessing. But as so many others before me has stated, there are too numerous flaws to be brought out into the light again. one could comment on apparent flaws with the pvp system(from pvp vets). one could comment on apparent flaws on certain pve models as well as "end game content" (from pve vets). One could comment on the lact of advertising and decisions that have been the wrong decision from the owner. does it really matter? currently from my humble experience the best game that rivals wurm is Haven and Hearth. you could say they are almost neck and neck in the above problems. ATM There are 267 hearthlings playing(main server). (home page) and wurm boasts more peeps at this time. the difference is that there is 2 servers in H&H(legacy being the old game ways and I have no idea the pop count on that, prolly just nostalgia peeps) for my 0.02$ you wanna give wurm it's best chance(though I honestly belive it'll never be in its prime again) consolidate all servers, and spend as much of the profit as you can for the next 3-6 months on advertising. who knows
  3. if you let me win I will give you a silver also klaa how do you insert(lol) the gifs?
  4. u have no idea what you speak of newfriend except of course vampire Hunter D but that's another story
  5. after a while the computer mechanics and actions become droll and mundane. sure I could play a game with no risk, but after a while I get real bored Real fast. playing on a pvp server 9 times out of 10 doesn't mean you get WTFPwnedrapedface as soon as you step off the "safe area" but there is always that off chance that as you are doing something somebody more equipped/better skilled/better tactics than you gets the upper hand and you lose. but its not like you lost at life, you get another opportunity to fix the previous error and hope to overcome the current Foe. Rather Exciting, actually!
  6. now we got Klaa in the mix
  7. so here I am just went out this morning and harvested 40+ grape bush sprouts to start a winery at my place. the first thing I notice is I am going to need maple trees. and from what little I can tell from the wiki its going to be equal parts juice and maple syrup. so I go out looking for maple trees, I ask in alliance how many grapes a bush produces and if anybody knows the ratio for grape bush to maple trees to make wine. I was told that A. wine making is a very arduous venture because of the seasonal timings and B. you will need over 500 bushes and trees to make 1 full barrel of wine please tell me this is not so. If this is incorrect info, please inform me then how many maple trees I should have for 40 grape bushes etc. thank you for your time
  8. thanx Syrann I thought for sure I was gonna win
  9. I for one would not mind the move(but then again I just have this char) but the real question is, are we only talkin about a PVE server or will you(we) all move to a PVP server? don't wanna throw in a monkey wrench, but, unless I missed this topic, if you want to have only one server, or even 2 servers hopefully it will either be half pvp or 1/1 ratio?
  10. sorry m8, not any longer
  11. thank you for the replies so far. it gets Really lonely by yourself and all you are doing is getting rock for you walls. and then making support beams that's the #1 reason why I usually don't make it past the initial round of prem. the server is sparse. and it seems peeps are not looking for a LW or me for epic. hence I come here and like seeing good conversations that are not flamed out by the 5th reply
  12. kinda suxx how I feel today I had a 4 day weekend and now gots to go back to work. I really, Really, REALLY hate my job. but it allows my wife to stay at home with our son(he a year and a half), and I roughly got 10 years left before I can retire.
  13. I have been off and on in wurm since 2011. imho most of the pvp servers have been "sparsely" populated. but that's nothing new with mmo's in general. it seemed from time to time the business model for any mmo that is going to have multiple servers is having PVE and PVP servers, where their money makers are the PVE servers. in my humble opinion I don't know what to feel about this. I could be wrong, but I don't think it's helped the current PVE and PVP servers online, but then again maybe you have better facts/info. that said, what do you all feel about the Wurm unlimited stand alone?
  14. heart, what does that even mean, I think I have heart, but to proclaim it via oneself prolly means you don't
  15. we talkin bout facebook? I don't have an account there.