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  1. If you want to just spawn at Linton and i can show you some nice place to build. In game name is Equinox.
  2. Enough for people who want to hunt but not bad for new people.
  3. Have been blessed.
  4. I'm already priest so blessing wont be hard
  5. Want to join with my fo and vyn priest but seems you are missing an altar for Fo. Let me know if you build one ill join you.
  6. If its your first time playing you have a free teleport to the village when you are invited. There is a recruitment board in every starter deed where you can look for village recruiting.
  7. Hi, i'm a returning player looking to join an active deed. I'm on CEST. Name IG is Equinox.
  8. All said in title on Independence pm Equinox if interested
  9. Je suis un ancien joueur qui retenterai bien le jeu? Je suis sur Independance pour le moment mais peux naviguer si y a du monde sur les serveurs atteignables, car par expérience jouer seul peut vite décourager. Si ca vous dis laisser un mp ou une réponse ici. (pourquoi pas recommencer si y a pas grand monde sur les vieux serveurs)