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  1. Bought my character like he said with no hassles or problems.. GOOD Customer!

  2. Great guy to work with.  Thanks Lumpy.

  3. Preto!  Hey man.   IDK, just been thinking about you lately.  Hope all is well.  Drop me a line sometime.



  4. Agreed, you can barely see the tower at Diamond Battle camp at this point. It was always an open field until recently. +1 Clearing Hota
  5. He's suggesting making a new plantable item in a cave become the substrate for an item, ie a "wall", with a collision mesh attachable to it there-by simulating a tile border. Makes senses.
  6. As stated, the fighting gains are shared when you use guards and if hunting with friends whomever deals the last blow gets the skill. Pollo nailed how to get best gains, fight mobs around you FS. Use this to determine what you should be fighting. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Animals
  7. I think the bigger thing that could be taken is the use of sinew and/or horn to make a more advance bow. So a simple short bow is the current system and a mid/long will require additional materials. I'm not overly interested in the complete accuracy, although that isn't a bad thing, but adding to the depth of the crafting process would not be a bad addition for these items.
  8. The GUI is as simple as it gets, you drag and drop. Changing that makes no sense. So ReaverKane explains that making 3 mallet's is too difficult...in a crafting game...where you get experience for it...and that's agreed upon? (If indeed he were going to do the 3 tasks requiring a mallet as well as do them frequently enough to necessitate a toolbelt for it) In addition, personal preference what you carry in your toolbelt does not increase or decrease the usefullness to another player if this were implemented. Fully agree, and honestly the exec process in many cases could be more beneficial if you intend to carry all of your tools on you most of the time. The benefit of the toolbelt actually holding the tools is when you choose not to carry them, mainly due to rick of loosing them but other reasons can apply such as excess encumberance. If the toolbelt did hold the tools you can place them in a container in your smithing area or leatherworking area allowing you to move 1 item in and out of your inventory speedily as opposed to 4-5 indiviudal items. Not saying this if profound game making stuff here guys, however it would as stated in the OP increase usefullness and efficiency. Edit: Wiki link for the exec. process. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Toolbelt_Profiles
  9. I see what you're saying guys. As this is the Suggestion board, I'm suggesting it to be a mechanic and not a modification. Seems it would be quite easy to implement.