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  1. I would like to request a mod that creates a couple of mining related actions that are similar to the way leveling/flattening work (long action until complete or stamina drained). There would be one that works on any rock or ore tile that just mines at effective (don't forget those epic servers) timer length + a configurable percent increase (default 50%) per 'action' taken. This would continue until the player's stamina is drained or the wall is about to break. After which the player must take action to finish mining forward, or mine up/down. Optionally, it would be nice to have one for creating the initial mine entrance as well. A configurable skill level for either of these actions to show up would be a bonus, otherwise they should always be available.
  2. This isn't something that is feasible, since it would require every client mod to report its self. It wouldn't do anything if the player decided to make their own mod to do the same things.
  3. The issue appears to be the MAX in With 5x action timers, full stamina and no speed enchantment, the timer is 24 (2.4 seconds). However, if you put an enchantment on the tool, the logic runs through the following block of code and hits the MAX(50, ...) which then caps the timer at 50 (5sec). if(source != null && source.getSpellSpeedBonus() > 0.0F) { time = (int)Math.max(50.0D, (double)time * (1.0D - 0.5D * (double)source.getSpellSpeedBonus() / 100.0D)); }
  4. It would be awesome if there were a way to limit how much each user (steam acct most likely) could drain from the trader over a given period of time.
  5. SOLD

    I'm sitting on 100s on my character which I no longer play. Prefer USD but will also accept 1s/1e
  6. I'm looking to connect up with the player who went by the name Wirewolf on the server Caucasia while it was still up.
  7. Any chance something like this could be done for Sow (planting crops)? IE, have a bag with seeds in it on toolbar that gets used if you don't have a plantable item already selected?
  8. You should take note that Weapon smithing is already 5x SLOWER than other crafting skills.
  9. Rudie, have you looked at the code? Because this is the line of code that lowers clay after 10 digs: if (dealClay) { if (--clayNum == 0) { newTileHeight = (short)Math.max(newTileHeight - 1, rockHeight); } } clayNum is set to 10 if it's 0
  10. Mining is already twice as slow as (most, weapon smithing is 5x slower) other skills.
  11. in WU, CoC and WoA + high QL tools are all very desirable (something I wish were true for WO)
  12. They didn't fix the characteristics, if you guys want, i'll post a diff of the server files. *EDIT* Or I would if I could get a combined diff from kdiff3 :/
  13. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Can we get an update on characteristics gain issue?
  14. I'm now experiencing this issue as well.