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  1. Wurm Unlimited Personal Merchant

    I also think this is a great idea! +1
  2. Server Lottery Mod

    Might be cool if we could use a lottery mod on servers that would allow people to purchase a lottery ticket in-game using game currency. Option 1: a set amount of in-game currency is awarded to the winner. Option 2: total or half the cost of total tickets sold is given to the winner or added to that player's bank account. Maybe the rest goes into the kingdom pool or something. Just a thought I had and figured I would share
  3. More Clothing

    More clothing would be a nice addition, I don't know how hard it is to add but the current clothing line is rather limited
  4. Taming Mod - Tame multiple creatures

    hahaha ikr +1 for sure
  5. No flowers on WU (SOLVED)+

    I'm having the same issue (program not starting on double click) on windows 7 and windows 8.1 although I haven't tried the command line deal. [edit] It is NOT blocked by windows, I already unblocked it so I'm not sure what the problem is
  6. More deed then one ?

    well I'm interested in getting this to work, so thanks Arkonick! Maybe someone will be able to take this further as you mentioned.
  7. My idea is to allow server administrators the possibility of Advanced Mission Control for better flexibility. Let's face it, each server has its own idea of how to run so adding this feature may allow for each server to express it's independence and diversity. While they have this possibility already as per the 'Mission Ruler', the ruler seems to be limited in that it is unable to create truly customized missions such as: Killing # of Huge Spiders (any creature type). Create item of # quality. Create # of items. Pros: Advanced Server Mission Control. No database knowledge is required which allows more servers to participate. Possible 'fun factor' increase due to more detailed missions (as listed above). Ease of use for those with little to no technical knowledge which would increase diversity among all servers. Cons: Could be impossible due to re-compiling entire source code. Could take too much time to complete due to any number of reasons. I'm sure there are a thousand things that I'm not currently thinking about but I wanted to bring it up anyway. At the moment, each server has the capability of creating the missions listed above. However, those missions can only be created by the server.
  8. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    I want this mod badly but I'd like to see it server side for my family server as well! Great work on this, keep it up!
  9. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    I've ran into this problem while viewing a deed on Wurm Unlimited. Think there will be a fix in the future? Note: I've also had one export perfectly as well. So at the moment it's more 50/50 on my end. [edit] Now if we could import from deed planner back to wurm! -Rayven
  10. Job Filled *Close*

    Job Filled! Thank you everyone! Server: Release Deed: Tombstone L15 (in-game) or X20 Y27 MAP I'm looking for someone with 55+ in digging. We're looking at roughly 3k dirt to store and I simply don't have the time to do it. Paying in silver since we're keeping the dirt for a future project. Here are some details: Amount: 3k +/- (Stop @ 4k dirt) Price: 1 Silver per 1k dirt (Estimated Pay: 3-4 Silver) Storage: Locked BSBs (will place when ready) Depth: Below Water Level While there ARE rock tiles that will prevent one from leveling the bottom of this small canyon, there is no need to worry about those tiles as I'm able to surface mine them from that point forward. Also, the roads are to be left alone here as they are frequently traveled and one is a main highway. Stay 1 tile away from all roads with this project. Contact me either on the forums or in-game (Mykael). Image Included:
  11. Entire List Sold to one person. Please Close

    Bridle x2 (5 copper) Horseshoe x4 (15 copper) Saddle x2 (20 copper) COD all to Mykael
  12. Job Filled *Close*

    *Snip* Job Filled, ty all!
  13. Tombstone Recruitment

    Still have openings! OP updated to reflect all changes thus far.
  14. Tombstone Recruitment

    I'm happy to announce that Tombstone is now marked on the community map for your convenience.