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  1. I was having some stuttering and FPS issues and was tired of getting the improper Java version warning each time I load up the launcher. I followed each step in the other topics. I have cleared out older versions of java, cleared cached and temporary java files, disabled the different suggested FBO VBO graphics options in Compatibility. As I have begun running out of options, I decided to try posting my crash log here in the spoiler.
  2. large anvil, iron 51ql COC84 - 75c trowel, iron 90ql BOTD90 - 2s55c CoD to Auvry please Thanks Auvry
  3. Please CoD Fishyfingers Recipe - 5c Rare Goblin Liver and Onion Recipe - 15c To Auvry Thanks Auvry
  4. Can you CoD to Auvry 3.5? Unless Ika decides to buy, they were in line first of course. Auvry
  5. Items received fast and as ordered. Thank you so very much Auvry
  6. Delivered fast and high QL as always thanks again Maiya. Auvry
  7. CLOSE

    Items received fast and now honeybrew harbor can start producing wine once again. Thanks again Auvry
  8. Hello i would like the following COD to auvry. QL 51 Hammer c93 w59 (153c) QL 94 File w85 c79 (265c) QL 91 Mallet, Oak w74 c68 (155c) QL ~48 Cheese Drill, Oak c81 (52c) QL ~57 Fruit press, Oak c78 (46c) QL ~70 Mortar And Pestle c71 w53 (63c) QL ~48 Press, Oak c66 (24c) By my calculations that should come to 7s,58c before COD fees. Thanks, Auvry
  9. CLOSE

    Great can you COD both to Auvry? Thanks, Auvry
  10. Now thats just obnoxious... Can these be deleted please?
  11. Apparently my phone doesnt like the forums. Quad post :*(