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  1. Why do i feel like I'm being ignored here ?
  2. so the new horse shoes (silver, havent tested the gold ones yet) are created using the jewelery smithing skill, but are imped by using the blacksmithing skill. is this working as intended or is this a bug ?
  3. yay, the news
  4. Things work a little differently on Deli than they do on the other servers (and better at that for how far I'm concerned), so the situatiuon there isn't really comparable. There are in fact certain groups of people who wouldnt invite just anyone (like they do on Deli IF you help with looking for the unique mob), so you could probably call those elitists.
  5. Finally someone who actually READ and understood the OP
  6. yeah, it takes at least a couple of months for a 50x50 area and trees wont grow anywhere on dirt, only on grass. other than that: read Ayes OP again and you will find that its not solely about the grass, the trees that will EVENTUALLY grow back, but the overall devastation done once every 9 weeks days, not even mentioning the alteration of the terrain itself
  7. Very off topic, but there is already a way to keep grasslands treeless...just make sure that there are no trees around that can spread onto the grasslands. those trees youre talking off arent popping out randomly
  8. So does this mean that differently vegetated tiles (flowers vs. trees vs. crops) exist in different seasons at the same time ? Is there some kind of time-distortion going on, originating from bee-hives ? because Alyeaskas postings clearly seemsed to point out that all measurements were done at the same time for defferently vegetated tiles/hives. Yet still the ones surrounded by flowers yield the least honey (which i can confirm regarding my currently 10 active bee hives (some surrounded by flowers, some surrounded by crops)
  9. now, THATS some useful information
  10. Its not like they die in winter especially....they just die after a certain amount of time
  11. congratulations
  12. I've been to Linton about a week ago and it looked pretty amazing already back then (while yet being unfinished). I might be going there in a couple of days again and will post some pictures then.