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  1. yeah, animals in pens look very very rediculous being all ober the place and pressed into the fence (corners)
  2. Does anybody else experience problems with logging in right now ? This is 20 hrs after the update, so this posting is not directly related to the update/hotfixes
  3. has anyone figured out which trees you should prune/harvest/pick sprouts from at which skill level in forestry for the best skill gain results ? i bet there is a difficulty to each of the different trees and bushes too, right ? also, any information on the difficulty of natural substances ? (HCs...animal parts vs. veggies, dyes, concrete)
  4. There is no gauge in the new client that shows which servers are online (ver useful after a server down) and how many players are online on each of them or did i miss that somewhere ?
  5. yes, i do have SP3 installed wasnt there supposed to be a legacy client somewhere ? i cant find the link anymore
  6. Ive cleared the java cache now, redownloaded the low mem client and even that didnt help. i still dont get to the launcher. Im on Win XP 32-bit. The old (now legacy) client ran just fine until yesterday.
  7. cant start the game (not even getting to the launcher) with the new client. the low mem client doesnt seem to work either. also i cant find a console.log in the wurm directory. where EXACTLY is it located and whats the EXACT name of that file ?
  8. Cant start the Unstable Client on one of my 2 computers at all. On the other computer the client crashes quite often (at least while sailing) without any error messages/log whatsoever. And if it crashes while sailing, the ambient sound of splashing water never goes away until i reboot the computer.
  9. Why do i feel like I'm being ignored here ?
  10. so the new horse shoes (silver, havent tested the gold ones yet) are created using the jewelery smithing skill, but are imped by using the blacksmithing skill. is this working as intended or is this a bug ?
  11. yay, the news
  12. Things work a little differently on Deli than they do on the other servers (and better at that for how far I'm concerned), so the situatiuon there isn't really comparable. There are in fact certain groups of people who wouldnt invite just anyone (like they do on Deli IF you help with looking for the unique mob), so you could probably call those elitists.
  13. Finally someone who actually READ and understood the OP
  14. yeah, it takes at least a couple of months for a 50x50 area and trees wont grow anywhere on dirt, only on grass. other than that: read Ayes OP again and you will find that its not solely about the grass, the trees that will EVENTUALLY grow back, but the overall devastation done once every 9 weeks days, not even mentioning the alteration of the terrain itself