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  1. Are these sermons still happening?
  2. Can you COD these two compasses to Rosalie, please? 57ql - 31 BoTD - 3s (3 seconds) 55ql - 35 BoTD - 3s (3 seconds)
  3. Agree that the message should be removed at this point. The population has spread out over the NFI servers, so new players coming in should be more equally dispersed. With the number of deeds that have fallen on Harmony, there are plenty of good spots available now. Also, removing the message may help more players go to the SFI cluster and help them out as well.
  4. This one is perfect! Thanks so much!
  5. Hi! Can I get the following? COD to Rosalie please Sickle - 80ql - 53 BoTD - 1.8s Trowel - 70ql - 63 BoTD - 1.75s Hammer - 64ql - 64 BoTD - 1.25s Butcher Knife - 86ql - 57 BoTD - 1.85s
  6. Can I order a staff like this please? Staff, silver, 71+ql, 75+NIM, 80+LT, 80+COC 70+MS COD to Rosalie.
  7. Happy Holidays everyone! Wishing everyone a season of light, love, and joy. Here's to hope for a brighter future ahead!
  8. Does... does this mean that I can start collecting gnomes again?!?!?!?
  9. WMADD LatLng(230.148331, 541)=Harmony Cove ; Trader, Mailbox, Path of Love Tile
  10. I'm not fond of the tone of the article, true. However being rude in the comments of the article is a bad look as well. Being kind and helpful in the comments would do a lot more to promote Wurm than whatever the original author wrote.
  11. Oddly enough, the Holy Crop that was cast on 8/25 worked. It removed a bad trait from one of my foals. The Holy Crop yesterday did not work - I have a stone altar of Fo and my foal with the bad trait was in Fo's domain. The trait was not removed.
  12. I've seen a couple of people roleplay since playing on the new servers - which is two more than what I've seen roleplaying on the old servers, so an improvement, I suppose? Wurm lends itself very well to roleplay, as it's a more immersive world than most MMOs, imo. I would love to RP more in-game, if others play along as well.
  13. 1082, 780. Harmony Cove - now has a trader/merchant/mailbox.
  14. Hiya Carbon! I'd love to get a spirit house + courier enchant at Harmony Cove, O-20! Let me know when you think you'll be by and I will do my best to be online.
  15. Another local to Doggo Lake and I'm good with that name.
  16. 1082, 780. Harmony Cove. Thanks so much!!
  17. OMG, you're right, it is the language of the Elder Gods! The gibberish in the Launcher is present on both preview and live. The gibberish in the Settings window is only on Live. On Preview it's been replaced with the shiny new UI window, and it's perfectly fine.
  18. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, upgraded Java, did a reboot, reinstalled the game again, still no dice.
  19. So tonight I fired up Wurm so that I could make adjustments to my graphics settings in preparation for Friday, and I was greeted with this. The same gibberish was also present in the Launcher, in the Name & Password fields, as well as the links going across the top of the launcher. The News section was fine though. Any ideas?
  20. Ah, I get asked this all the time. No, it's not from the drink. It's also not from Borderlands. I came of age alongside the internet. When I was in college, AOL dial-up was all the rage and people were getting used to this weird new form of communication called email. My friends and I all had nicknames for each other, mine was Moxie because... well, I had moxie. Chutzpah. I'd usually take things a step further and be a little crazier/weirder/bolder than the others. So, eventually I started using that name for online gaming, long before Borderlands was a thing. Actually, it's very possible that character was named after me. And yes I've had Moxie the drink. It tastes like tar and sassafras, and it isn't my favorite. Lyric was started to be a Fo priest, so I wanted a name that sounded kinda hippy-dippy/naturesy. I love music too so it fit.
  21. Can you COD three of the snowmen statues to Moxie also, please?
  22. COD the Dragon Fang statue to Moxie, please.