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  1. Honestly. I think npc workers is a great idea. Like auto miners and farmers.
  2. There was an idea for click and hold combat with mouse gestures a few years ago. But I think we need a new hex based map.
  3. [Your idea] - = - Pew Pew Pew Then we will need glass display cases for merchants and traders. With love, Fractal 618
  4. I think Marsh removal should be more difficult than just packing. Perhaps it should requires a mixture of dirt, sand and gravel
  5. Ability to adjust local chat range from 1 to 1000 tiles
  6. Just started a new deed in the Whitefay area. So far it's just me. There were 2 other guys, but they havent logged on in almost a week. I am a pretty casual player, but i do log on at least once a day, put in about 10 hours a week, at least. Right now I am building a Guard Tower. There are 2 iron mines, clay, peat, tar, water and tons of linden trees. All of the green area in the screenshot is covered with trees, but i turned them off in graphics, to make the proposed road map. Anyone is welcome to join my village, and I also welcome mayors who wish to plant a deed adjacent to mine. I hope that in the future the valley will have 3 to 5 adjacent 11x11 deeds. Work that needs doing: farming road paving terraforming house building mining/blacksmithing lumber processing mapping Also, in previous villages I have had fun organizing hunting parties, and would like to do the same here. There are spiders and trolls that need slaying! PM here or in game: Cybermason
  7. What if I have a deed with 10 lazy villagers, and I want to encourage them to mine rockshards. I want to put a NPC on my deed that buys rockshards 1 iron per 1 ql per 1 kg. So, if Henry (my laziest villager) mines 60kg of shards avg 4ql he only gets 2 copper and 40 iron.
  8. I make all of my tools out of steel. when I am long gone, my work will live on
  9. I only understand 10% of what's being said in this thread, but here's my 2 irons: Shouldn't the buy/sell prices of traders reflect the actual market prices... (I don't think that they currently do) Also, Players should be able to accept a loss when trading, instead of having to make exact change with woodscraps. imho thanks for making wurm great! lovin' life on Xanadu
  10. Weapons

    exactly what i was looking for! Thanks Jack
  11. Weapons

    Kegan I know I only have 138 posts, but I do know of the wiki, I even have made edits on the wiki as ChrisNYC. The information there is often outdated, and in the case of weapons slightly lean.
  12. Weapons

    Can anyone direct me to more information/stats about the different weapons. I understand that damage is based on many things including weapon quality and player skills, but surely there must be some data that has been collected over the years. Thanks!
  13. Down goes Xanadu

    first unexpected downtime since opening? not bad at all.