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  1. Again. Trying to cause an argument. Just like your little whiney 'me wasting your time' comment on a thread YOU keep responding to in a manner that attempts to derail and utterly spam anyone trying to read it. If you want to discuss better communication skills heres one: > I gave several suggestions on a suggestion post. > you disagreed. > you continually commented and tried to bait argument about utterly unrelated stuff. Just like THIS response. Why on earth are you talking about runes that AREN'T a skill and are fairly new so will be kept an eye on anyway? Here's another suggestion: "How hard it is to get rift materials" Let's see why can't you get materials easier? Because the game is awful to new players who don't feel like sticking around to grind out 15 odd skills or find a village to live on to make it worth sticking around. But again WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH MEDITATION GAINS. Go whine about things you want fixing on your own suggestions post and stop derailing this one as one of the 2-3 people that disagree with the majority. Several of which I know have played for years from seeing them in game
  2. I absolutely would agree with what Doc said, my issue isn't that I can't level it fast it's that if I get the time between work and 3 children who choose to alternate not sleeping to play enough to do 2.5 hours of attempts I'd like to have something no matter how small to show for it. I am only aiming to hit 30 and I've had several days with no gain at all using coc and sb. I'm not even going to go into your last message as it's a vapid attempt to argue thin air. (I.e I haven't counter argued as you haven't really given anything to counter just effectively said "no cause I don't think it's broken" as opposed to the many others who do.) I am not even saying the devs need to uze my ideas I just wanted to make suggestions on how to fix meditations instead of making a thread that amounted to "fix an entire skill with no input"
  3. Because as I have apparently said upon deaf ears (eyes?) THEY ARE NOT TIMEGATED. Nor am I restricted to 5 'maybe' ticks per day in ANY other skill. I fail to see where the confusion for me to have to repeat myself for a 3rd time is coming from? so you're 70 and now screw any newer players? Literally this is why I wasted a GM's time on a support ticket before coming to this stupid 'suggestion' forum (read: have some salty guy/ girl who spent time to level a skill when it was in a state that is not fit for purpose try to justify it remaining an absolute joke for the rest of time just because THEY had to do it that way..?) refresh is cool yes but is UTTERLY irrelevent to this discussion as you get it at 20 skill at which point it is NOT restricted ergo has no place being discussed as OP here, due to proposed change literally not altering the acquisition in the slightest. enchant grass is 'cool' but only what.. doubles/ quadruples the feed a grass tile can give? I've had them go packed still when a stationary horse or 2 are too close to one another. My issue primarily stems from this being required by journals. otherwise I would chalk it down to a useful skill suited only to masocists and those with no life and have nothing more to do with it.
  4. Ok but again you can spam all day every day on WS not 5 chances per day with a chance to not get anything for all of those chances can't really compare meditation to any other skill except faith which has work arounds anyway as it is the most restricted skill.. all the others only require time and effort to get 100 if you're doing the right thing at the right time, the process of meditation is: use rug - > maybe get skill? use rug somewhere else -> maybe get skill? at set levels use rug in a 'special' place -> advance path use rug - > get skill? that has literally no need for both RNG AND a time gate, or like I said in the original post if both RNG and time gate are kept just make it so that a failed skill tick doesn't use one of your total for the day. Then the entire argument for 'easy mode' (which is as flimsy as a paper airplane in a hurricane as it is) is entirely negated. As you still only get that many ticks per day and it may or may not take you 50 attempts+ to do so?
  5. 1) You don't have limitations on basically every other skill and can spend 20 hours a day if you wanted leveling them 2) You actually CAN pray most of the day for faith using sermons but the fact of the matter is you get a tick EVERY time you pray when you are eligible which is what annoys me about meditation not giving the tick. Hence my saying either make it like faith where you get your tick every 30 minutes x times a day or take away the x times a day and keep as is. 3) If I felt like those limited resources were being used effectively sure but skins for weapons like 2 people use each month instead of advertising mean they aren't.
  6. I have no issue with time and/ or effort but it's frustrating getting nothing constantly.. I'm 28.12 and trying to just get 30 and did all but 1 attempt yesterday with skiller rugs, khavesi and sb each time and not even 0.000001 skill 😕
  7. As the title says, Why timegate a skill then also make it so that of the small number of chances to get skill in a day you also might not even get any? Even Faith which is another timegated skill doesn't have that. There is no need whatsoever for it, at the bare minimum if you gain no skill it shouldn't come off your maximum skill ticks for the day. I.E you meditate, get no skill, have a 30 minute timer still BUT don't lose your opportunity for X skill gains (if you have the free time to even do it that many times in one day which not all players have due to school, family or work obligations/ priorities)
  8. This please. Like why do I enchant shelves to stop metal objects in a closed in building on a paid up bit of my land to not somehow decay... AS much. This shouldn't be a thing and you sure shouldn't need a literal magic box to stop it happening whilst paying to avoid it happening.
  9. Hey this tower needs "202" adding to it,2267
  10.,2153 Macoofer 930
  11. Selling an eyepatch 50ql, leather Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted
  12. What transpired has further shaken my already sketchy faith in the direction of this game/ company. All 3 will be missed greatly in their roles and hopefully choose to remain as part of the community.
  13. Looking to offload everything I have left on NFI so it doesnt decay further and can be used by people wanting it all to go at once from Harmony Bay where it is currently located The wagon and crates are included in the sale Starting bid 5s minimum increase 25c
  14.,5862 Lyhrinae 642,2489 Siddhe 10
  15. [11:17:07] You see a bench under construction. Ql: 3.04489, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The bench needs 2 clay, and 1 marble brick to be finished. Starting Bid: 3s Increments: 50c buyout: PM offers considered Snipe protection: 30 minutes