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  1. Sod it I dont pay to have to sit here trying to work raising concerns if it makes them useless I'll just leave the game with all my alts and deed and you can continue doing nothing to draw people in
  2. Yes but this is an alternative to nerfing costs that are MEANT to be there to make it a higher requirement (I run a 92.5 faith and 70+ faith vyn and despise the need to prem them just to enchant my tools to make it worth selling them) without the need for alt spam and using mechanics and items already in the game just an idea to add to the pool
  3. Could you not remove the NEED for batteries (and yes complain that this reduces revenue all you like but I've seen naff all advertising from the company and only found it many years ago due to a suggestion on some random forum so clearly they don't care THAT much) by simply adding a new equipment slot (or ability to put a gem in your statue) for a gem.. This gem would hold whatever favor it has had vesseled into it and provide that favor as a battery priest would, then be used up or lose it's ql if it still has some left.. This would also increase the worth of higher ql gems as from what I've seen lately <10ql are selling for more due to less favor use to grind channeling.
  4. Wish you the best of luck, sorry to see you going
  5. quick and reliable service
  6. She's tried to use 64 bit now it 'seems' like female hair 7 causes crashes sometimes? (When she was using hand mirror will keep an eye on it now she's managed to change it
  7. Hi guys and girls tried getting a new player in the game but they've had about 10 crashes fixed half of them but they now can't open the game due to this
  8. Hi So I had a short look through the first few pages and didn't see these suggestions so after some uhming and ahhing here goes: 1. Some form of climbing 'anchor' or brace that you can use to secure yourself to a point on an incline (for surface mining or clearing dirt to surface mine.. or just rock climbing I guess?) This would be a craftable item combining metal and rope (with a limit of say 1-2 tiles movement away from the anchor). I believe this would help with exploration as well as trying to squeeze the coast of it's spaces to deed. 2. A new boat!! An "Ark". The ability to transport animals would in my opinion help the community who say live on an island or just who want to move or trade in animals that don't swim. Obviously it would need a limit of say 10 animals per ark at any given time and would need quite a deep draft (yay canals..) but would actually add something to sailing that has felt altogether the same since .. well since Independence. 3. Tying horses. This is more a convenience thing that any game altering all can do feature. The premise is that you could tie the horses reins to a tree or fence maybe even add a 'Hitching post' as well to add to the in depth feel of an inn. It would help those who travel but for whatever reason need to log out or do a task that doesn't suit horses. Of course this would not be a 'safe' method of storing horses as the tree's would still be choppable (and rightly so or we'd have tons of horses keeping forests from lumberjacks) And the fences could be demolished if you leave the horses there too long .. Maybe include a 'permission' for deeds to unhitch a horse belonging to someone else if it's left on your deed (rather mean spirited but such is life). Obviously these would take some work but I genuinely think they would add to the game.
  9. He shouldn't need to. He's a member of an alliance up here and frankly Mists bullying shouldn't be left to push people away because it can quite easily turn into people not bothering to play the game in the future if there's one player trying to force the area to do what they want.