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  1. Thanks Dale! I missed that haha
  2. Got several tools nice fast and polite service
  3. Inb4 any decent place on the new server is deeded by those actually able to log in :).. Might be the final straw for me.
  4. Also sounds a bit close to RMT as the person would have to effectively pay money to get the silver on old freedom..?
  5. I love how the only remotely official response to 3 pages of "wtf is rumble" is more or less: how dare you have an opinion on what you're going to have to put up with for years to come if the game doesn't get steam neg review bombed.. No one is demanding anything but a different name more in keeping with the game ... AT ALL.. Like I don't even mind the 2 picked getting the prizes that's whatever but as has been said already rumble has no place at all in Wurm and Heartland is also a little out of place and could do with a slight change.
  6. A map dump might be a bit much (could be used to find tar/ clay patches maybe) but yeah a in game map would be nice to figure a vague idea of where we'd want to be lol
  7. so this is the traceroute (Macoofer helped trying to figure it out) of course this is whilst I CAN connect so I will try again when I can't I guess?
  8. Well I'm glad you have no issue but the fact of the matter is neither do I wurm launcher does. I've changed my dns to googles and restarted. No difference
  9. I agree with this there is zero issue with anything else other than the wurm launcher attempting to check for an update that isn't even there to download.. all other internet processes are fine.
  10. So I've been able to connect SOMETIMES but not others it's very erratic but earlier mentioned fix with hosts file doesn't help.. This is the only issue I am having despite updating things on a number of different game services..
  11. I and a friend (lives elsewhere in UK) also can't update.. same error
  12. Sod it I dont pay to have to sit here trying to work raising concerns if it makes them useless I'll just leave the game with all my alts and deed and you can continue doing nothing to draw people in